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It's Party Time!

What a fun day we had today!  It was finally time for our reading party and the kids were definitely excited.  One station the kids went to was a Minute To Win It type game:  Marshmallows Through Christmas Wreaths.  It was a marshmallow blizzard as they tried to see how many they could throw though their wreath in one minute!  Our principal came in to watch and wondered if he could be behind the wreaths with an open mouth.  But since the marshmallows were recycled off the floor each time, he decided against that idea! 
Another stop was making edible sleighs.  The kids used graham crackers, icing, candy canes, and licorice to make their sleigh and then of course it was time to gobble them up!


  1. Just found your blog and love your Christmas ideas. I will have to file them for next year. Today is my last day!!

  2. Thanks! Today is our last day and it's a half day at that!


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