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39 Clues~ Student Book Club Reviews

          Children, reading books, and talking about the books...What can be better than that?  Mandy from Cooperative Learning 365 and I began the first book club for students at our school this year.  And I must say it has been a hit!  The kids are having such a fun time meeting each week to discuss the chosen book.  I had decided that I wanted to host a book club to keep my skills sharp.  I teach struggling readers and felt like if I got in more time with good readers, I could bring in some of their skills to my readers who are having a difficult time.  But beyond sharpening my skills, we are having just a great time talking about characters and doing activities to go with the book!
         After students finished reading 39 Clues The Maze of Bones, they got the opportunity to write reviews of the book.  I just love that because the kids were so honest in them.  We first took a look at book reviews on line.  They needed to see what made a good review and what made a not so good one.  Then they tried their hand at it.  They even colored in the number of books for what they wanted to rate it as.  One student gave the book 3/4 a book.  He said it just really wasn't his type of book!  :)  What really impressed me was the fact that some didn't really enjoy the book all that much, but stuck with it anyway!  Take a look at what their bulletin board looked like when their reviews were all written up!


  1. Sweet! Your readers are so blessed to learn what real readers do. I love it!

  2. Thanks Tammy! We just started a new book this week and they are flying through it they love it so much!


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