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Kindergarten Letter Sorts

          One of the activities my kindergarten kids like to do is letter sorting.  A few of them were having some confusion on some of their letters (maybe too much time off at Christmas break??). One way that I have found to address this that the kids really enjoy is to do a letter sort.  It really makes the kids focus on the shapes and forms of the different letters and it is fun for them too!  We practiced on the magnetic whiteboard together to get the hang of it.  Then each child had the chance to practice on their own Venn diagram with letters that they specifically needed to spend a little more time on- differentiated learning for each child.  This was a quick and easy way to learn those letters! 


  1. Looks great Lori! I love the differentiation.
    Forever in First

  2. I'm a homeschooler, and while my older two children excelled in reading, my third child is having great difficulty. One issues is mixing letters up, and not recalling what they are. I believe this exercise will help him a great deal. I'm excited to try it! I have also bookmarked two books that I found on your site to buy ASAP.

    I am so happy to have found your blog! Thanks so much for blogging!


  3. Hi Crystal! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am sorry that your child is struggling so much. Have you tried other kinds of letter sorts? Let me know if you need some ideas for other sorting ideas. My email is I would be happy to try to help you.


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