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RTI-Moving Thru the Tiers Without Moving You to Tears!

         Universal screening, progress monitoring, weekly interventions...Does this sound familiar to you or has it gotten you all confused?   Does your school have Response to Intervention implemented?  How is it working for you- do you see it as a beneficial process for your students or just one more thing that has been added to your already full plate as a teacher?  At my school, we have been working for some time on our RtI program.  The program for us is going really well now, but do not read into that that it has been an easy process!  We basically started from scratch, educated ourselves on the process, and try to improve on it every year.  So far we have implemented RtI for communication arts, with math hopefully coming soon.  As the head of this committee, I see so many good things come from RtI.  But at the same time, it has been trial and error for us (and a LOT of extra hours on my part) to finally hit our stride with the program.  I have worked on our graphs this afternoon to get us ready for our important meeting where we take a close look at each student in RtI and the progress they have or haven't made.  Then as a committee we make decisions on what the student should do next. Take a look at a couple of examples of what our graphs look like.

          I would love to hear how RtI is being implemented in your school and if it is working for you.  I plan on writing more posts on RtI over the coming weeks, so be sure and check back to see them!

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  1. Honestly, after countless hours of RtI professional development, I still don't have a good grasp on it. Maybe that's partly due to my skepticism. It might also be partly due to a confusing presenter. I'm sure you could teach me a thing or two though.
    Forever in First


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