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What's Eating You?

          Ms. T, over at Journey of a Substitute Teacher has started a fun topic and linky party on "What's in Your Lunch Bag?".  My lunch bag is not all that exciting....usually half a turkey and cheese sandwich, carrots and a banana.  It seems like most days I am rushed to eat and end up skipping on the banana.  So the banana may make the trip back and forth from home to school several times until it is too ripe to eat and must be thrown away!  :0  I always like to see what goodies the other teachers bring in their lunch boxes.  So, what's in your's??


  1. Thanks for linking up! Yep I love seeing other teachers' lunches!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. I always take leftovers. Today I had Taco Soup, Fritos, Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding, and carrots & cherry tomatoes (which is a lunch staple for me). Yesterday I did take a turkey sub with Baked Potato Soup. But the sub has shredded Mozzarella cheese so I nuked it for a minute to melt the cheese. That's the type of stuff I take daily. I'm a lucky girl because my husband is an awesome cook!

  3. Hey if you peel oldish bananas and stick them in the freezer they are great to throw in the blender with some soy milk or orange juice and protein powder for a morning shake

    Just sayin : ) Love your blog


  4. Kat, thanks and that is a good idea for those old bananas!


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