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Wide-Mouthed Frog Retelling

          One of my students' favorite books is The Wide-Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner.  It is a super fun pop-up book about a frog with a huge mouth.  He meets different animal friends and asks them what they like to eat.  One animal he meets is an alligator who likes to guessed it- wide-mouthed frogs!!  The kids, of course, just absolutely love it!

          We practiced retelling each other the important parts of the story first.  Which is really hard not to retell everything, because hey, the whole book is important to them!  Once we got that down, we do a quick sketch of the three important parts.  Then we wrote about each part retelling about the wide-mouthed frog.  Take a look at how they did.  :)

He has a big mouth.  He (alligator) eats frogs.  He (frog) jumps in the water.

He has a big mouth.  He eats frogs.  He jumps.

          I also want to mention that Kaleigh over at Kaleigh's Klassroom was so kind as to award me the Liebster Award!!  She is too nice!  Go on over to her blog and check out her great ideas.  She is new to the blogging world and could use some new followers.  :)


  1. What grade are these writers in? I'm guessing first? That pesky /a/ sounds shows up instead of the /ou/ in my class too. The 2nd little writer sure knows about ee! I love seeing what they use but confuse.

  2. Tammy, these were actually some kindergarten students in a small group with a lot of support. The "ee" confusion was cute. :)

  3. I am thoroughly impressed that these are from kindergarten kids, especially considering you work with the struggling little ones. They're doing good things!

  4. I want this book for my classroom!! Thanks for sharing about it, we are always working on retelling!

    "Kindergarten Kel

  5. This book looks awesome! We've been really working hard on our retelling skills, and this activity would be perfect!

    First Grade Magic

  6. Lori, You've been tagged! If you want to "get to know you" game, check out my post Have a great day! Melissa

  7. Kelly and Mrs. Nunley: this book is so much fun! Students LOVE it so much. I posted the retelling activity page today that I used if you want it. :)

  8. I LOVE this book! Have you read The Long Nosed Pig? My kiddos love that one too!

    Heather's Heart

  9. I did not know about The Long Nosed Pig, Heather! Thank you so much for telling me about it! Need to get that one now!


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