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Classroom Library Linky Party

Amy, over at Literacy and Laughter, is hosting a linky party on classroom libraries.  Be sure to head over there to check out all of the other great photographs of how teachers organize their books in their libraries.

I love, love books!!  I try to pass that on to my students too.  If they know anything about me, they know that I read EVERY day, that I LOVE to read, and they know what I am reading at any given time.  The above two pictures of bookshelves are a wall of books for the students to read and check out.  I have them grouped into baskets.  Because I service such a range of grade levels (k-5), I have found I need to group the books according to reading levels.  If I were still in the classroom, I would group them by genre, authors, themes, etc...  I level the baskets with letters A-Z.  Most letters I have multiple baskets of for the students to choose from.  As students increase their reading skills, I adjust their baskets.  I also like to give them a range of baskets to choose from.  This gives them lots of books to be successful.

This photo shows my checkout system.  Each student has a pocket on the chart with their name.  Inside the pocket is a card (the colored cards-green, blue, purple, yellow) that has the basket letters each student is reading out of.  These cards stay in the chart all year.  That way the student doesn't have to try to remember what baskets they are in and their levels get switched quite a bit.  So that also saves my sanity!  Inside each book on my wall of books is a pocket with a check out card.  Students sign the card and date it, then stick it in their own pocket on the chart above.  That has been the easiest way that I have found for me to keep track of who has what book and for how long.  When they bring back the book, they get the card out of their pocket, it goes back into the book and since the book is labeled on the front with the same letter as the basket it goes it, they can put it right back where it belongs.  Just takes a bit of training at the beginning of the year, then they are good to go!

This one of the students' favorite places to read.  They love these chairs!  They can rock and read in them!
Here is another reading area for students.  They enjoy these chairs that sit up high!
This is our carpet area.  We meet here a lot when I read aloud to the students, work on the wipeoff board, or work on the pocket chart.  Students love to stretch out on this carpet to read.

This is my "blessed books" basket.  When I read books out loud, I place them in this basket for students to look at and read later.  It is a way of building up interest in the book, helping students become familiar with it, and then they can read it on their own or with a partner.

Thank you for visiting my classroom library and reading areas!  Don't forget to go to Literacy and Laughter and join in the linky party!


  1. A blessed basket in a blessed room full of blessed readers. Is that cheesy? It's true though. I'm not surprised it's all so well-organized. Looks great!

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Pinning your post for it!

  3. I love seeing how others display their books! Love the idea of a Blessed Book Basket!!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  4. Ha, thanks Tammy! I feel truly blessed with my students! :)

  5. Thank you Mrs. Cole!!! That is great!

  6. I like to see in other's classrooms too, Laura! Thanks!

  7. You are so organized! A beautiful library!


  8. I love the rocking chairs on the ground. I have some kiddos who would beneift from that rocking motion. Thanks for sharing your lovely library.


    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  9. Wow. That checkout system is rad. I am in awe of the time you dedicated to being so organized! It's a great system! Thanks for sharing!

    Primarily Primary

  10. Thank you Julie! I have to be oraganized as I service almost 60 students through the course of a day. Just makes it easier on me!

  11. Erica, they do love the rocking. :) I have to watch though as they like to kick back far enough to be upside down!

  12. Thank you Angela! I had to come up with something so I wasn't losing so many books per year. :)

  13. I love your room!! Can you come over and organize my book boxes for me!! I can't keep my kiddos from mixing them all up!
    Teaching First

  14. Lori,

    I LOVE your classroom... Your library is incredible! Love the organization, rocking chairs, and the blessed books!! Thank you so much for linking up!


  15. Lori,

    I love your huge bookshelves filled with books! I'm sure the kids love it! And your checkout system seems to work great too! I tried using a checkout system last year, but then I found after the first few weeks of school the kids stopped using it and I didn't really enforce it, so now I just use the honor system... I tell kids that of course I want them to read our class books, but they just need to make sure they return them so other kids can read them too. The kids do "book talks" when they finish reading a book, and they are always excited to share the book with the class, so I found this is a good way to ensure the books make their way back to our classroom library. :)

    P.S. Glad I found your blog through the linky! I am a new follower!

    Lessons with Laughter

  16. Rebecca, my students do still get the books in the wrong baskets some, but with the letters on the book and the basket it works pretty well. Thanks!!

  17. Molly, I like that idea of book talks! Thanks for following me! I will be stopping by your blog!

  18. Thanks for directing me here and to the linky party! (since it is kinder, I never would have found it) I like how you have organized your check out system. The color coding is great! I may have to add that to my system for next year.

    Teaching in Room 6

  19. Hi Lori! I love your classroom library! It looks like a wonderful place to curl up and read a good book. I like the "blessed book" basket. I plan on implementing that in my classroom library.
    I am a new follower!


  20. Thanks Stephanie for coming by!
    Krista, thank you for coming by and following my blog!

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