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Saturday Sayings and Miracle-Gro

Already, it's time for installment number 3 with Tammy- Forever in First, Julie- Lighting a Fire in Third Grade, and Sandi- Literacy Minute.  Our month of Saturday Sayings are going fast!  Be sure to check out what they have to say today.

Growing writers is like growing a garden.  There is a lot of hard work involved.  You have to get down in the dirt and get messy.  There is a lot of tilling of the fertile soil to be done and planting the seeds.  After all that, then you have to tend to it and pull out those pesky weeds.  But in the end, you have this big pay off of beautiful flowers, all unique in their own way- individual and different, but all beautiful in their own way!

I love to teach writing and love to see the growth from my young writers.  But is hard work!  Children need the time to practice their writing daily to be able to get better at it.  We must also model for children how to write.  We won't get that good growth in our writing gardens if no modeling is being done.  Children need to see you write and hear your thoughts as you go through the process.  My motto has always been: model, model, model!  They will grow as writers given the daily time and the modeling.

I only have 30 minutes per day with my students, so I feel the crunch of time- big time!!  But when I've had to rush and then feel the frustration that my students didn't "grow" like I wanted that day, I have to be honest with myself and ask:  Did I model for them how to write? If not, I know I had better do a better job of tending to my garden next time so beautiful flowers and not weeds are growing there!

How is your garden growing???  Big and beautiful?  Or not enough growth and too many weeds?  Where is the Miracle-Gro when we need it???? 


  1. This is perfectly said Lori. I just read a quote yesterday talking about the fact that there are no shortcuts to good writing. It sure does take a lot of tending and modeling like you said. Personally, I've never had my own garden, but I'm sure in spite of the hard work, the end product is so worth it. That certainly for sure the case with writers. Thanks for inspiring me this morning.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. The biggest challenge I have is when half of your garden explodes with blossoms and the other half is slowly, slowly unfolding! Love this quote!

    Light a Fire in Third Grade

  3. Improving my writing instruction is a yearly goal of mine, so I really appreciate this post. It is HARD WORK!!!! Time constraints are my biggest issue, but I have to admit, I also think I have unrealistic expectations of my writers sometimes. I am starting to my hard work pay-off, but also excited to see how next year's writing will go too.

    Thanks for this post, your sentiments are mine, exactly!

    Across the Hall in 2nd

  4. Well said Lori, what a great post! I think writing is the hardest thing students have to learn and it really takes time and patience to grow that inherent writing ability.
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  5. Beautiful Lori! I come from a long line of gardeners, farmers actually! My daughter is even becoming a Master Gardener! They would all agree with you that gardening takes time, faith, and patience, along with a whole lot of hard work! You are right on target with modeling. I am sure that you are dong a great job!
    Thank you for the lovely post.
    Literacy Minute

  6. I love anything by Ralph Fletcher! Thanks for sharing!


  7. I agree with you about the modeling. I have short writing mini lessons all the time. Another part of the writing process is giving kids time to share their writing. I have a couple of kids share every day. I use a microphone and have them sit in a special chair. After they read their writing, I point out some of the wonderful things I see them doing either in their writing or picture. Then they ask the class, "Are there any commments, questions, or connections?" I've found that the sharing part is just as important as the modeling.

  8. That is so right, Tammy, no short cuts to good writing! I am honored that you were inspired by me. :)

  9. Julie, you made me laugh out loud when I read this! So, so true...some will get it and some take longer to blossom!

  10. Hang in there Halle! It is hard work, but the pay off is great. Things will improve every year. :)

  11. Thank you Shawna! Even with all the hard work, patience and time, I love doing it.

  12. Thank you, Sandi! Maybe your daughter could grow something for me! I do better at teaching writing than gardening. :)

  13. Thanks Erica! I agree, Ralph Fletcher is great!

  14. I agree with you so much, Connie! Sharing is so important to the kids. We call it Author's Chair. I love that your kids ask if anyone has comments, questions, or connections!

  15. I love your post! I love writing workshop and feel like it's the most important work primary teachers do! Your so right about the modeling modeling modeling!! Melissa

  16. Melissa, thank you for your comment! I love to hear when others love it too!


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