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Back to School Assessments

Binders holding all my kindergarten data in one place

We are already back to school!  Which for me means lots of assessing to do to find out where students are so we can get them moving forward.  I do the kindergarten and first grade beginning of the year assessments.  For kindergarten, I will be assessing them on letter identification and sounds, print concepts and phonemic awareness.  

I have put together a binder this year to keep all that data together in one place for each class. 

Each binder will have data organized by whole class so that I can see in one snapshot what the entire class might be low on.  

Also, I will include scores for each individual student to help the classroom teacher and myself differentiate to reach students in their low areas.  Click on the picture below to see the new sheets I am using the year.

Keeping all the assessment data in one place

I cannot wait to use this new system.  It is going to save me so much time having all my data together.  I will assess the students at the beginning, middle, and end of the year to see the progression.  

I also bound my letters this time for students to flip through as I assess them.  The letters will not get lost or out of order now.

letter identification and identifying sounds

It was actually a lot of fun putting these binders together.  And this is what made it fun- my new binding machine from My Binding!  Tarragon contacted me and asked about sending me something for my class to try out.  That was a definite yes from me!!

comb binder

I was so excited when these two boxes showed up on my front porch!  We have a binder in our school, but it is down 2 l-o-n-g hallways and not always in its place.  I knew I could put this one to work!

This binder was so easy to use!  I got my assessment binder copied, placed a few pages in the binder at a time, and pushed down on the handle.  So simple!  

comb binder

This binder is light, but sturdy and not at all big and clunky like our old binder.  It even has a way to lock the comb open while you add your papers.  That was a very handy feature!  There are white combs and clear combs instead of just plain black.  It will be great having my own binder and combs in my room to use whenever I need one!  You need to check out their products. Among many other items, they have 3-ring binders, comb binders, laminators, shredders, etc... Click here and it will take you right to their website.


  1. Lori,

    You are so lucky to have your very own binder. I use our school binder for books all the time, but ours are in use a lot. So, I can't always use it when I need it. I would love to have one at home. Thank you for the information!

    First Grade Schoolhouse

  2. Back to school - eek! We were so busy last week with numbers in the high 20's that I did not even get a chance to start assessing very much. I was only able to get to counting... You have inspired me to get moving. I NEED to get some testing done this week so that I can start moving kiddos!

    I do, We Do, You Do!

  3. Your own binding machine? Wow. So cool. We have one at our school that I use quite often. Anyway, congrats. Good luck with all the assessing too.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. great way to organize Lori!! love letters do always get out of place - how brillant!!

    Kindergarten Lifestyle

  5. We start school on Wednesday. We Title I teachers will be doing all the AIMSWeb assessments and hand scoring for grades K-3, and then choose our students from those results. We won't be working with kiddos until late Sept.

  6. I really like your idea of binding your letters and other assessments together. I just got my binding machine in the mail today and I'm super excited to use it! That's so awesome that they sent you one! I wish I could test things out too! My first project is going to be binding my new social skills reminder cards together for my little guys with autism.

    The Lower Elementary Cottage

  7. Mona, the binder is a great one! You should check it out. It is definitely a huge help to have your own in your class.

  8. Kris, there is so much to do at the beginning of school! So hard to get it all in. :)

  9. Thanks Tammy! I will need some luck to get in all this testing these 2 weeks.

  10. Thank you Jeannie! It has been a huge help having those letters bound, both for storage and for when the kids flip through them during assessing.

  11. Thank you Chelsea for your help!

  12. Lee Ann, we are Title also and it takes us forever to get in all the assessments too! Sounds like you have a lot to do!

  13. Good luck with all of your binding projects, Lisa! It has been a huge help to have it all bound together.

  14. I am so Kinder team's paraprofessionals bought their respective teacher a mini laminator for Christmas a couple of yrs ago. Then at the end of the year they chipped in for a Binding Machine. These ladies are wonderful but due to budget constraints they were taken out of Kindergarten and placed in special ed. Now us k teachers have no help. Last yr we had 26 in each class, what a yr to take away our help. ur binder idea...a wonderful 1st grade teacher that no longer works in our school had a binder like urs, then we all got on the band wagon. Sisters if u have a chance make one it's a time/life saver. Best part is.....a record to show parents how their kiddo is doing! (especially those parents that didnt come to Open House, Meet the Teacher Night or Parent-Teacher Conferences...have a great year ladies!!!!!

  15. Magpie758, your paras are wonderful!! I agree, having your own binder is great and makes things so much easier. Hope you have a great year too!

  16. Here's a update to my previous comment: Found out last Friday that we will no longer be using AIMSWeb and handscoring everything. Our district is trying EasyCBM and all assessments are done on the computer. Unfortunately, we will not get it for another 3 weeks. Are you, or anyone else, familiar with Easy CBM as I have not heard of it before?

  17. I am sorry, Lee Ann, but I have not had any experience with Easy CBM before. Hopefully they will give you some good training on that to get you going. :)


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