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Collection of Name Books

Name books for teaching and recognizing the letters in student's names.

It's that time of year again...Little ones coming in...Some can recognize their name, some cannot.  Some know the letters in their name, some do not. 

I will begin with my kindergarten classes this week.  We will be working on their names as well as the letters of the alphabet so we can get those letters learned. 

I have made 3 different name books for this purpose and each one takes the skill up a level.   These class name books can be bound together to make class books.  Class books featuring their names will quickly become a favorite to read in your room!

You could start with reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  The name book for this one focuses on the letters in the student's name and the letters of the alphabet.

Using books to teach the letters of the alphabet

The next name book focuses on the beginning letter of their name and words that also begin with that letter.  Students are so interested in their names and words that are similar to their names!  This is a cute book to go with my name book.

Teaching letters and letter sounds

My last name book steps it up a bit more and focuses on letters as consonants and vowels.  The War Between Vowels and Consonants is a fun looking book to read before making my last book.

Teaching vowels and consonants

I hope you find this collection of name books useful!   If you need them, click here to be taken to my TpT store.  


  1. Kids love to see their names in books! I haven't read the third book. I wonder if it's one I should own?
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Thank you for this list! It was our first week back and I am definitely going to have to work on our name recognition/printing with these kinders.
    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  3. Thanks for the book list! I haven't seen the last one. I will have to look for it!
    Literacy Minute

  4. You are right, Tammy, kids do love to see their own name in a book! I don't own the last one yet, but it looks great!

  5. Good luck on your school year, Erica, now that you are back to school! Thanks for coming by!

  6. Thanks for coming by Sandi! I appreciate it!

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