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David Shannon Author Study

David Goes to School writing and drawing.
David will run in the classroom.

We have been doing an author study on the David books by David Shannon.  What fun!  My classes, just like I am sure your's, love the David books.  I used the David Goes To School and No, David books with my kindergartners and my first graders.

David Goes to School and No David

The kinders drew the features on David's face and wrote his name.  They did a pretty good job!

Drawings of David

First graders wrote about what rule David might break if he were at our school.  I wonder if these were secretly things they want to do without getting into trouble.  :)

David Goes to School writing and drawing.
David is coloring on his desk.

David Goes to School writing and drawing.
David is going to throw pencils.

David Goes to School writing and drawing.
David runs in the halls.

David Goes to School writing and drawing.
David will attack me.

After we read both books, we talked about how the books were similar and how they were different.  I brought in characters and setting into this since we have been learning about those elements.

Author Study chart

One of the favorite activities of this author study, besides reading the books of course, was choosing our favorite story and making a graph of it.  We made our graph out of miniature covers of the book.  As you can see No, David!  won out overwhelmingly!!  I don't know if it was because I asked them to choose their favorite book on the same day I read that one to them or if it was the naked David running down the street!?!  I do know that part got the most reaction and they just couldn't believe someone would actually do that.  :)

David Goes to School and No David graph


  1. David is an all-around favorite of my kids too. You can obviously pack so much thinking into the study of such a small little character. (Your David pictures are very cute!)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I love all of your ideas! How long is your time with the kids each day? Just wondering if you have time to get through reading the book and doing a follow-up activity in one session.

  3. I love how you make a graph of their favorite book! I just might have to steal that idea to use for future author studies.

  4. We just finished all the David books. My kids loved them:)
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  5. That is true, Tammy, everyone adores the David books! Thank you for always stopping by!!

  6. Thank you Lee Ann! I have the kids for 30 minute periods each day. I pack in a lot in that 30 minutes trying to do all that we can. Most activities will take us more than one period to get through when we are doing a read aloud and comprehension activity.

  7. Thanks Meghan! The miniature covers are great to use to graph with!

  8. I agree, Barbara, who can resist a David book?? :)

  9. Lori,
    I have to say I love almost every David Shannon book I have come across. My itty-bitty baby brings me the "oh, David" boardbook (which I so creatively change to "Oh, Wyatt") and sits on y lap while I read it over and over and over (and then some). I still remember my first grader's reaction to David running outside without any pants. He threw his head back and laughed with pure delight. That is what reading should be. Delightful. Thanks for sharing your David Shannon author study ideas. I can use a lot of these with my 5th graders with special needs.
    Joy :)

  10. Thank you so much, Joy, for coming by my blog! I loved reading about your child wanting to read the David books. :) I agree, when David runs down the street it is pretty funny!


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