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The Magical Product Swap


A big hats off to Jessica Stanford for organizing our product swap once again so you can see what all those wonderful items would look like and how they would be used!  If you click on the button above, it will take you to all the other blogs that are participating in the swap!

My partner is Karla Banks from over at Life in Special Education.

Life In Special Education
After you read about Karla's great game boards here on my blog, please head over and check out her wonderful blog!  Karla will be reviewing something from me for you to see too!

Karla has an adorable collection of game boards!  They are seriously cute!!  Very bright and colorful and the students will find them engaging.  I really loved working with them!

These are just some of the card designs- different colors and designs.

And more card designs!  You get so much variety in this item. :)

These are Karla's cards once they are cut and glued together- easy peasy!  She includes so many different fronts and backs that you have almost an endless amount of combinations that you can put together!  You just print, cut on the lines and glue the fronts to the backs.  If you are a little like me and want your cards to line up worries.  The cards are the exact same size.  Just use your paper cutter for the easiest of cutting and put on some glue.  

Because Karla's game boards are blank, they can be used for almost any subject and any grade level.  The games could be used in centers, tutoring, indoor recess, morning time for review, etc.. Some ideas to get you started on what could be included on the cards are:

  • sight words
  • rhyming words
  • ABCs
  • math problems
  • vocabulary words
  • cities and states
  • state capitals

You can write right on the cards if you wish since Karla included backs.  Or you can do like I did and type out what you need and glue that right onto the cards.  You are ready to go!

Now I am sure you can think of many ways you could use this item in your room!  In honor of the product swap, Karla is offering 20% off her TpT store and will even give away one of these games to one lucky person who leaves her a comment!  How great is that?  Click here to be taken to Karla's store.

Karla Banks

Now after you get done here, go visit Karla and see what she is up to with one of my items!  We are so glad you stopped by!

Life In Special Education


  1. Those really are cute. She did a nice job with them. Your word sorts look great too Lori. Word sorts can be time consuming to develop, so I'm sure yours will save teachers lots of time.

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. These gameboards look like a lot of fun to use. I like that they are generic for teachers to use with anything!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  3. How adorable are those!?!? Thanks for joining for the swap :) I hope you'll sign up for the next!

    ✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏
    Enter Product Swap #3

  4. Thank you Tammy! Karla's game boards are great!

  5. I agree, Andrea, Karla's game boards are wonderful!

  6. Thanks for all your hard work Jessica!


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