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Comprehension Binder Organization for RtI

comprehension passages and questions

By now you must think that I am the queen of binders!!  Binders keep me organized and save me tons of time, especially for RtI.  Hope you are sticking with me on these RtI postings and that you are finding them helpful in your school's journey to get your RtI up and running.  Click here to read the other RtI postings.  

Our school uses comprehension as an intervention when appropriate in RtI.  If this is an area of concern, we teach students how to better comprehend and answer questions about the stories and poems they read.  I needed lots of comprehension passages with questions ready made to use as our weekly progress monitoring.  I didn't need them for teaching the skill, just for assessing.

This is where Super Teacher Worksheets comes in.  Now, those that know me, know that I don't use worksheets and do not recommend worksheets to others.  The name of Super Teacher Worksheets is a bit misleading- or at least for the purpose that I recommend them for.  I do not use these for the teaching the intervention in RtI- only for our assessments.  

comprehension passages

This site has reading comprehension passages for grades K-5.  We mainly only use them for 3rd through 5th grade, sometimes using them in the second cycle of RtI for second grade.  It all depends on the needs of the students for when we begin this skill intervention.

comprehension passage

This is an example of a first grade reading passage. And then comprehension questions that follow each story or poem.   

comprehension questions

When I first started using Super Teacher Worksheets, they were free.  I had my paraprofessional copy all the stories by grade.  Then she placed them in a binder for copying as needed.  This has been a huge help to me as there would be no way to have time to find all these passages and questions.  Now you can only get access to a few stories per grade level for free.  A membership will cost $19.95 for a year.  I am not affiliated with this site at all- so no commission for me if you decide to join.  :)  I wish they were still free to use for everyone as they have been incredibly helpful to have. 

One of our teachers discovered  Have you seen this site?  Lots of skill and strategy units to help you teach reading to those in RtI or just in your classroom.  They list the strategy, lesson plans, and the book to use the plans with.  And the strategies are common core aligned.  It is free, but you will need to register to have access to the informational texts.  I have not gotten to use this site much yet, but the teacher who brought it to my attention just loves it and finds it very helpful.  I hope it helps you too!

reading strategies and lesson plans


  1. You are so very organized. I love your reminders that you are using these for assessment purposes and not for instruction. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I love SuperTeacherWorksheets, and even though I'm sad that they charge now, I think it is DEFINITELY worth it (especially considering how much they add constantly)- and for a much smaller price than so many other services. I think Reading A-Z's leveled readers and questions are great for comprehension, too!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  3. I just check out It looks great. Thank you for the heads-up!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  4. is also a great site for RtI interventions.

  5. Hi Lori,

    I am currently a senior at the University of Florida studying Elementary Education. I came across your blog through Pinterest. I have really loved looking through all of your posts. For one of my courses this semester, I am gathering research about different ways that teachers are using blogs for education purposes. If you wouldn't mind answering a couple of questions that I can add to my data collection, I would really appreciate it. You can email them to me at Thanks!

    1. Why did you create your blog?
    2. What do you feel are the benefits of blogging as a teacher?
    3. What do other teachers think of your blog?
    4. Do the parents of your students visit your blog?
    5. How much time do you have to spend to keep your blog up to date?

    Thank you so much for your time!

    Allison Crowson
    University of Florida
    Gainesville, Florida

  6. Absolutely, Tammy! No using worksheets to teach reading. :)

  7. Jenny, we use Reading A-Z too! So thankful that there are so many resources out there for us to use!

  8. Barbara, I hope you find something in the ReadWorks site that is useful. I know one of our teachers just loves using it.

  9. Luvinit, EasyCBM is another good site! I'm so thankful for so many resources out there!

  10. Allison, thank you for taking the time to look through some of my posts on my blog! I would be happy to help you out with your questions. I will work on them and get them emailed to you. :)

  11. LOL I used super teacher worksheets for the first time today--before I read your blog. My colleague grabbed something that I needed, and she, too, said that it was worth the money. I'm grateful that the school has bought me a reading a-z membership for the class, and raz-kids, too. We also use Thank you for all of your inspiring ideas!

  12. That is funny, Debra! I love Reading A-Z too. So many great resources out there. Thank you for your kind words!!


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