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Lesson Plans and Common Core Organization

organizing the common core in a binder
Common Core Standards Binder Organization

Binders strike again!  I keep so many of my school things in binders.  Just makes my life easier.  :)  I used to keep my lesson plans in the old lesson plan booklet that the school provides for you.  But I put that to the side and am keeping my plans in my planning binder.  I keep sight word lists in there too just to be sure I am incorporating those words with the books we read.  

The photo above is another binder for common core.  I teach several different grades so I needed something to keep my standards for those grades organized.  So now I use my lesson plan binder PLUS my common core standards binder.  I have each binder tabbed now to the grade levels and it makes writing out my lesson SO much easier.

organizing lesson plans
Lesson Plan Organizer
You may recognize this binder.  I have used it before.  I tend to tweak things every year, so I am using it for lesson plans now!

The common core organizer has been very helpful to me as I can write in the dates that I teach each standard.  There is also a place for the percentage that mastered the assessment for each standard.  

But what I like best is that I can write in notes for myself like what books I used to teach with or what activities I used.  Then I have that for next year's planning!  Anything that saves me time is GREAT!  And a plus is if my administration wants to know right now if I have taught a particular standard or how many times- it's right there!  No having to look through all my lesson plans to find it.  

I have ELA Documentation Checklists available for grades K-5 if you need them!  Just click HERE.  

Enjoy your day being organized!  :)


  1. I love how organized you are :) I like the sight word idea!!!

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  2. You are the ultimate organizer, and I love it.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. We must be binder buddies. Or organizing friends! I love what you do!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  4. Thanks Bridget! I have too many students that come through my room to not be at least a little bit organized. :)

  5. Thanks Tammy! I would drown in paperwork if I didn't have things at least a bit organized. :)

  6. Thanks so much, Amy! I love to have things organized. Just makes it easier. But my binders don't look half as nice as yours do!


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