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Then & Now Linky!


Mrs. Mc at Buzz! Buzz!  Buzz!  is having a linky party!  Yay, how fun! :)

We are supposed to show one of our first products that we put on TpT and then one of our newest products.  I haven't been on TpT for very long...just about half a year.  But I must say, I have learned so many things!  Just like with blogging, you start out brand spanking new with quite a learning curve in front of you.  Then as you navigate your way, you learn and improve.

When I started TpT, I started out with sight words.  I believe in building reading fluency and helping students be able to read sight words automatically.  Now, I don't spend tons of time on this- just a few moments a week.  But it truly helps the students and their fluency to be able to recognize their sight words quickly.  

sight word practice

sight word activities

I have to tell you that my students LOVE doing these quick slides on the Smartboard!  The characters are cute and they seem to enjoy them.  I use them about once a week with my reading groups.  But when I am doing RtI groups, I use them a lot more often to build up their bank of sight words.  They are not set up to loop through automatically as that way tends to get ahead of the struggling readers.  You just click when ready to advance the slide.  You can also use these slides on an individual computer for a literacy center.  I know some teachers like to print the slides and bind them so students can practice them anytime at their desk or even send them home!

sight word activities

sight word activities

build sight word fluency

The next step up is using the Dolch sight words in phrases.  I made those too about the same time I made these!

My latest at TpT is my Short Vowel Activity Pack.  I make things I actually can use or do use with my students.  I have had several students that struggle with the short vowel sounds and remembering them.  So I made a whole packet of fun activities that will help the students to practice the sounds but not be skill and drill.  I plan on using these activities with my RtI groups.

Short Vowel Activity Pack

With this latest one, I have the students make a foldable, play Roll A Word, and picture sort short vowel pictures.  They all do making words lessons (a very important activity),  make a short vowel book with short vowel words, and play Bingo!  Learning that is fun, fun!

I have enjoyed making things on TpT that might help other teachers and students.  It's been a short trip down memory lane for me, but a fun one.  If you are on TpT, go get linked up and join us!


  1. Isn't it funny to look back & see how much your TPT products have improved & grown when viewing your first product to your newest ones?! I haven't been involved with TPT for very long and as I continue to learn I am amazed at what new things are out there. This is a great link up.
    Lovely Literacy & More

  2. I'm so glad TpT is going well for you. I know you've worked hard to learn all the ins and outs and make things that people will find very useful with their kids!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. You've got some great stuff here, Lori. Best of luck with your store!!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  4. It's great to see how you've changed as a TPT seller! And I agree with you so much concerning the learning curve. When I started, I had no clue about anything. But each day I learn something new and it's getting easier! Thanks so much for linking up :-)

    MrsMc from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

  5. Brittany, I have learned so much since starting TpT. And I feel like I still have lots learn. :)

  6. Thank you, Tammy! It has been a fun journey on TpT!

  7. Thank you Barbara! It is fun to learn all these new things.

  8. Thank you Mrs. Mc! I am glad you had this linky- it has been a lot of fun!


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