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Pinwheels and Chunk Charts

onset and rime activities

What child can resist a colorful pinwheel?  Such spinning, whirling fun!

I have some students that are struggling to blend the sounds of cvc words together and needed another way to practice.

chunks and beginning sounds

When we study a chunk, I make a chunk chart on the easel.  I write the word and then students write the word.  Then I transfer these chunks into a 3-ring notebook so we can continue to cycle through the different chunks for review.  

onset and chunks

So now, here we are needing a bit more practice and a fun way to do it.  What better way than pinwheels!  I glued on chunks in the middle and beginning sounds on the outside.  Students then get to blow or spin the pinwheel to get the beginning sound.  They then write the beginning sound on our board and read me the new word.  I like to write the chunks in red so they stand out a bit more to them.  

Students love them and are getting in some much needed practice in blending those sounds together.  Plus, putting the pinwheels in a vase makes a pretty display and makes them much easier to store.  I am all for that!


  1. I can see how kids would enjoy practicing blending those all-important chunks. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. This is SO creative! Thank you for sharing your fabulousness! xo

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  3. What a fantastic idea!!!! Can't wait to get some pinwheels and give it a try!

  4. That's a very good idea, Lori. I have a group of kids who would benefit from these, too. Thanks!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  5. Hi Lori!
    Those pinwheels are such a nice idea for spring AND I know my little friends would just LOVE them! Thanks for the great idea!
    Learning to the Core

  6. Thank you Learning Myself! Glad you came by!

  7. Tammy, the pinwheels seem to really hold their interest!

  8. Thanks so much, I Irene! The kids love the pinwheels!

  9. Thank you Katie! Your kids will love the pinwheels!

  10. Thank you Barbara! I hope the pinwheels help out your kids that are needing some blending practice!

  11. Thank you Dinah! We like learning with pinwheels and blowing them too!

  12. You are welcome, Aylin! My kids are just thrilled when we pull the pinwheels out!

  13. So clever-I will have to steal this to use with my tutorial kiddos-they will flip over it! :)


  14. Thank you Miss Trayers! I am sure they will enjoy the pinwheels!


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