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RTI Reading Intervention Visual Plans

Happy Sunday!  It's time for visual lesson plans.  Thank you Deedee at Mrs. Will's Kindergarten for this linky!  I love the visual plans idea!  After reading my post and downloading the plans, click on the Peek at My Week picture above and head over to find out what other teachers will be doing this week!

This is going to be a full week with lots going on.  Our third, fourth and fifth grades are into week 2 of state testing.  Add in reading assessments and regular classwork and you have got one long week ahead for everyone.

rti reading intervention lesson plans

As you can see, we are full steam ahead with RtI reading interventions.  Each group meets for 30 minutes per day each day of the week.  Both my third grader and my first grade group are working hard to improve their fluency.  

Part of improving fluency is becoming automatic with sight words.  We have been working on our Dolch lists and the students have been moving right along to new lists!  They love it when we use the Smartboard to practice the sight words so we do that a couple of times per week using the resources listed below.  

visual lesson plans

We will also work on improving fluency by practicing reading phrases.  I want students to hear how we chunk words together in phrases.  Some of my students have gotten into a habit of reading. word. by. word.  We will also do modeled repeated readings where the students try to make their reading sound like talking.

One of the resources listed above is a freebie:  3 sounds of ed.  You can download the plans and click on the hyperlinks to each of the resources and to the freebie too!

Don't you just love my daisy papers behind my visual plans?  They are from the wonderfully talented Barbara, at Ruby Slippers Blog and Design.  Click here to find them at her store!  So many colors- cute, cute, cute!

Enjoy your week and I hope it isn't as jam packed as ours is, but I am going to guess that it probably is!  Here is to a good one!


  1. I feel bad for those 3rd - 5th graders. Two weeks of testing? Ugh. Anyway, looks like you and your kids will be busy doing lots of thinking and learning this week. Enjoy!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. These weeks are always so full of assessments :( We just finished state tests and now we're heading into end-of-year district tests :( Your activities look so fun & interactive! Thanks for sharing your plans :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  3. It's a long testing period for our 3rd- 5th grades, Tammy! Thanks for coming by to visit with me every time!! :)

  4. Thank you Stephanie! I agree, such a busy time with so many assessments right now!


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