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Summer Literacy Folders and Syllable Counting

Literacy Packs

Summer school let out about a week ago for my school.  The last week of summer school I handed out these colorful Summer Literacy Folders to my reading students.

Literacy Packs

The folders had different activities in them depending on the student's grade and needs.  My in-coming kindergartners got their first and last names in a plastic sleeve and a dry erase marker so they could practice learning to write their names.  We worked on these during summer school.  I also put in ABC cards so they could start learning their letters before school starts.  I tried to place things in their folders that would be easy for them to practice on with a parent. 

Literacy Packs

For the older students, they received 3 Reading A-Z books on their level and sight word cards.  I spent some time trying to choose books for each student that they would be interested in reading.  Reading A-Z is such a great resource for this!  

Literacy Packs

I also placed a parent letter into the folder.  The letter had been copied onto colored paper to make it easier for parents to find it and hopefully read it.  The letters were also tailored to the grade and level of each student.  

I am really hoping that these folders will get some use this summer from my students.  If they would use them even just once per week, I would be thrilled!

Syllable Counting Literacy Center

I just finished this syllable counting pack up!  I have been needing some syllable activities for my kinder reading groups and some of my RtI intervention groups.  In this pack I included 3 different counting syllable activities and 2 different assessments.  I have to give weekly progress monitoring assessments for RtI so I thought others might need that too.

Syllable Counting Literacy Center

"Friendly" Syllable count is a good way for students to count syllables and work on learning to read each other's names.  Little guys love to work with names!  The name plates in the pack are editable so you can type in your class names before printing!

Syllable Counting Literacy Center

In the syllable sorting, students choose one of the 30 picture cards.  Then they say, clap & and count the syllables.  The picture card is then placed on the correct sorting mat.

Syllable Counting Literacy Center

Syllable graphing is a fun activity!  They draw a card, say the word, clap and count the syllables. Students draw the picture and write the word, then color the graphing boxes.  

Syllable Counting Literacy Center

Click any of the syllable pictures or click here to see this syllable counting pack.

The syllable counting goes with this Kindergarten Assessment Binder.  This binder contains ways to keep all of your assessment data organized and in one place.  One of the areas that can be assessed is syllables.  I am making packs of activities and assessments that go with this binder.  Rhyming is next!

This is the alternate cover that is included in the Kindergarten Assessment Data Binder.  Just click the picture if you want to check it out.

Enjoy your Sunday!  We are having a cookout today with family.  Fun times in the summer!

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July Currently

Is it just me?  Does anyone else feel like they have so many things they want to accomplish this summer and are feeling like it is going too fast?  

To Do List:
deep cleaning in the house
wash windows
clean light fixtures
create the gajillion ideas that are in my head
read my stack of magazines
finish my book
start my professional reads for this summer

And that list doesn't even include going places and having fun this summer!  Those things go without saying that you have to do them!  

Enjoy your summer Saturday and have fun!  Link up with Farley!

Five For Friday

Are Fridays rolling around as fast for you as they are for me?  I want, need, hope for the days to go a little slower!  Link up and join the Friday fun with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

cold treat for a hot day

It has been hot, hot, hot here!  A trip to Orange Leaf this past week hit the spot.  A cool treat on a hot day!  I don't like a lot of toppings:  just blackberries and almonds on my coffee and peanut butter.  So good!
I have been very productive since summer school got out.  In case you missed it here is an easy sight word I Have Who Has FREEBIE!  Kids just love those kind of games.

easy sight words freebie

I also just uploaded my Learning My ABCs pack.  Fun matching puzzle activities, My ABC book, Tracing Cards, & Matching Capitals to Lower Case I Have Who Has are included in this pack.  Click either picture to be take to my blog post to read about it and see more pictures if you are a teacher of ABCs.

learning to match capitals to lower case letters activities

matching capitals to lower case letters activities

I finally took some time to shopping!  The dress is one of those maxi dresses.  I haven't had one before.  I am not very tall, so I always worried that it would be too much on me, but I think I am going to like it.  And everyone says Yellow Box has the best flip flops.  So I bought a pair to try them out.  Have you tried the Body Shop body butter?  Great stuff!  

Have you gotten started on the Instagram craze yet?  It is a fun way to visually see what all your friends and followers are up too.  It is quick, easy and fun!  I would love for you to follow me and I can follow you too!  

It has been a quesadilla kind of week for me.  I love quesadillas!  I ate at Ruby Tuesdays this week and had their Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla.  It was soo good with a chili lime sauce.  

santa fe quesadilla

I made quesadillas this week too.  Mexican Chicken Wraps. It had chicken, rice, and black beans.  It too was good.

Neither of these food pictures are mine.  It seems that when the food gets there, I forget all about taking a picture and just start eating!  It seems that a lot of my Five for Fridays involve food too!  Not sure what is up with that...Go link up and tell us about your week!

Squats, 2 FREEBIEs & ABCs

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I am joining Corinna this week for her Workin' It Wednesday!  Summer is a great time to be working out.  With being out of school, we have more time to squeeze in some workouts and some fun!  

I have decided to do the Squat Challenge!  Are you doing this too?  If you don't know what that is you increase your amount of squats over a 30 day period until you get to 250 squats in one day.  You have rest days thrown in there too.  I am thankful for that so my sore legs can  catch a break.  

Here is a Squat Challenge sheet for you to print off  and use.  Tape it somewhere that you will see to remind you to do them!  Then each day mark off that day's number after completing them.  Before you know it, you will have done it!!  You all can remind me of that as I make my way through this too.  I am on a rest day today.

I have been staying productive since  finishing up summer school last week.  Here is a freebie you might want for when school starts back again.  I know- we just finished!!  I don't think a teacher's brain ever shuts off.  :)

It's a I Have Who Has game using the easiest sight words for some fun, extra practice.  Great for your classroom or for those RtI groups that need some extra practice in sight word fluency!  Click here or on the picture above so you can grab this FREEBIE.  Follow my store so you can be notified when I upload more items!

My other item that I have been working on is some ABC fun!  I needed another way for my students to practice and learn their ABC letters.  And more specifically, they need practice writing them correctly following the path of movement and matching the capitals to the lower case letter.  

At the beginning of school some students need some help matching capitals to their lower case match.  These puzzle pieces have picture clues on each to help them learn those matches.

The next step is being able to match those letters without the picture clues.  You can differentiate and use the puzzle pieces with the clues with the students who need that extra scaffolding and the pieces without clues with those who are ready for that!  Meeting more needs that way!

Students need to be able to make their own ABC book with their own pictures in it.  They need to be able to make those personal connections with the pictures they choose so that it more meaningful to them.  The more meaningful it is, the easier it is for them to learn it.  

 I have also included a I Have Who Has game for students to match capitals to lower case letters.  Fun and engaging way to build that letter fluency!

I have so many students come to me forming their letters incorrectly.  Many times they start from the bottom and go up.  If students form letters correctly it will help them not to have letter reversals as they are written differently.  

Click here or on the picture to be taken to my store to check it out.  I think I am overdue for a shopping trip after all this creating!  :)

Freebie Fridays

Back to School Books!

I love books and First Grade and Fabulous is hosting a picture books for the first week of school party!!  There are so many wonderful books out there for those first days of school.  Here are some of my favorites!

I just adore this book!  Sarah has trouble wanting to go to school.  By the end, you learn that Sarah is not a student but the teacher!  It leads to a great discussion that even adults get nervous sometimes.  Fun book with the surprise!

Product Details

Another book with a theme/lesson!  Pete the Cat teaches that it's okay no matter what happens.  Good time to read and this and talk about how the first days of school can sometimes be tough, but it will be okay in the end!

Product Details

Another favorite, favorite of mine is Mean Jean!!  This is a great book to read and use to launch a talk about recess rules and bullying.  It has great words and rhyme that makes it fun to read!

Product Details

Chrysanthemum has been around a while, but it has stood the test of time.  Wonderful book to read and talk about how different our names or other aspects of our friends can be different and be okay with that.  It is also good for kindergarten and learning the letters in our names.  So many activities can be done with this like counting letters and graphing those letters.  Fun times and learning!

Join in the fun and tell us about your favorite books for back to school!

Join The Teacher's Chair for her Back to School Read Aloud Linky!

5 For Friday and Summer is Here!!

I have several reasons to be happy today!  One of them is it is time for Five for Friday hosted by Doodle Bugs Teaching.  If you haven't joined in on the fun, today is your day to join us.  Just Do It!

A Birthday!

One reason I am so happy is it is my baby's 18th birthday!!  I really am not sure how that has happened.  My adorable baby has somehow turned into a young man. in the many changes.  But he is ready for the next steps in his journey.

RtI Files Finally Completed

I finally got my RtI files all completed!  I procrastinated got busy and didn't get them done until last night.  Just in time to take them all back to school for the summer.  See the arrow?  It is pointing to a stack of files representing students who improved so much in their reading levels that they have been moved out of Tier II and back to Tier I!!  So proud of them!

Last Summer School Field Trip

This week's summer school field trip was to a fun place where we got to play laser tag and miniature golf!  This is not a picture of us, but it looks similar to where we went.  The kids LOVE laser tag!  I think they would be happy to play it all day long!

Last Day of Summer School

My other reason for being so happy is today is our LAST DAY OF SUMMER SCHOOL!!!!  Can you tell I am excited?  We've had fun and it has gone by fast. But I am ready for a bit of a break.  :)  This is some of my packing and bare walls.

Stack of Neglected Reading Material

This is my stack of neglected magazines that I will now have time to read.  I hope!  Look how far behind I have gotten.  My!  Some are still in the plastic wrap they came in.  So sad...Does anyone else get so far behind in reading books and magazines now that you blog?  I am still reading, but my time for books and magazines has definitely suffered.  Time to get back to it!

Happy first day of summer!!

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