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Chairs, Doors, Floors, and Walls

Oh my...I am starting to feel the nervousness panic excitement about getting into my classroom!  We cannot get into our classrooms until August 1.  It is this way every year.  Our rooms must be completed by August 12 for orientation night.  And we have all day meetings on the 12th.  So just a bit of pressure to at least have my ideas planned out so I can get it done once I get in my room.  Does anyone else just stand there and look at their room in a daze, not knowing where to even start??  I do this every. single. year.

Here are some ideas I have collected from that great magical place called Pinterest!

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Is this book chair not the coolest chair ever?!  I would LOVE to have that!  Probably isn't too comfortable to sit on books, but looks so cool.


I really like this door!  It is clean and not overly cluttered with decorations.  Simple and Sweet!

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Little birds and Twitter are very popular right now.  Cute, cute, cute!

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Another popular theme is camping.  These are just fun!  And students LOVE to see pictures of themselves and their friends.  

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I like this idea for a couple of reasons.  One:  gives the students their own defined space- both for themselves and for their materials.  Two:  When the baskets are not in use, they can be stacked to take up less space.   I think the kids would really like this, especially the younger ones.  Second grade and up might have too long of legs!

I used to do this:  welcome mat by my door.  I just felt like it added a homey touch to my room as students entered through my door.  If you do this, be sure to get a mat with dark colors or it will just look dirty quickly from all those little shoes going across it.  


This would make a great wall display for the fall parent/teacher conference time.  It would give parents something fun to do and talk about in the hall while they wait for their turn to have their conference.  I am LOVING this!

Are these owls not just the cutest?  I like that this display is 3D.  It would definitely be an eye catcher for the beginning of school!

If you would like more fun classroom decoration ideas follow my Pinterest board  Classroom Decoration by clicking this sentence.  Lots of cute stuff!

I am linking up with First Grade Parade again this week for her Favorite Pins Friday.  Hop through each link to take a peek at what everyone is pinning.  


  1. I like the book chair as well, but it doesn't look very comfortable to me either. Like you, I never know where to begin setting up my classroom. It takes so long to clean and organize everything, but it always gets done. I love doing it, so I can't complain:)
    Connie Anderson:)
    Welcome To First Grade Room 5

  2. I like that Guess Who Your Child Is! That is really cute!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  3. The book chair is adorable. Every library needs one of those. I like the welcome mat too. I think I'd need a very thin one. My little people don't want their feet too well, and I can see them tripping every time they walk through the door. :)

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Great collection, Lori! We decorated our doors years ago and I'd forgotten about doing it - it looks so cute. I'm going to tuck these away and not think about them for a few more weeks though! :-)
    Whimsy Workshop

  5. I love the chair :) The laundry basket idea is adorable!
    Literacy Without Worksheets

  6. Me too, Connie! I clean, organize and just wander around my room deciding what should go where. But you are right, it always gets done, even if it doesn't seem like it ever will on that first trip into the classroom!

  7. Maria, I thought the Guess Who Your Child Is was a really fun idea too! I think the parents would really enjoy that one.

  8. I can see firsties tripping over mats too, Tammy. Definitely need one that won't slip and slide around.

  9. Susanna, I have always enjoyed doors being decorated- they just look so nice that way. But it is just one more thing to do. :)

  10. Bridget, aren't those laundry baskets fun?! I think the kids would really enjoy using them. :)

  11. I really like the doormat. is a good excuse to buy a cute mat!!

    Curious Firsties

  12. I think adding a cute welcome mat is a nice touch too, Em. And yes, good excuse to buy a cute one!

  13. Yes! I'm in a daze every year for the last 23 years haha!
    The kids in the baskets cracked me up. I just might have to do that:)

  14. Aren't those kids in the reading laundry baskets cute, Barb? How fun!

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Do you have trouble with the kiddos tipping them over?

    1. Kindergartendiva, the laundry baskets is a pin I found from another pinner. This is something I like, but haven't tried yet. I do think the kids would have to sit up in them or have them against a wall to help keep them upright. I do like how they give the kids a definite space to stay in. Thank you for coming by!!

  17. I wonder if you need to take a class on copyright infringement? I happen to know that, at minimum, a picture above was not credited to the original owner of the post and it is now circulating around the Internet.

  18. Joanne, if you go back and read the post, I have credited the original posters (when there was site to credit that I could find) with a link to their site. If you know the original owner of one of the pictures I would love to know so I can credit them and send some web traffic their way. Helping each other out is what it is all about. :)


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