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Sharks and Boxes

Slideshark app and Dropbox app

I just cannot tell you how excited I am about this idea!!  It will truly make things easier and more helpful for me and my students.  And it is something so simple!

At the end of the school year, I was blessed to get a set of iPads for my classroom.  I already had an iPad of my own at home, but knew I needed to learn how to best utilize it for my class.

First, I started out with learning game apps.  But I quickly knew that that wasn't the main way I wanted to use these iPads.  Games are okay once in a awhile, but I need ways to enhance the way I teach and to bring technology to my students in a real world way.  

I already had Dropbox.  If you don't use Dropbox, you should be!  What an incredibly easy way to share files.  Some of our files are so big, they take FOR-EVER to email.  Place them in your Dropbox and then you can access them anywhere!  Click the picture to go sign up.  If you sign up, I would love for you to use me as a referral so I can get more space.  Once you sign up, you can refer others too.  It's free!

using dropbox to share school and classroom files

So here is where I was struggling at school.  I have my students practice their sight words in class and during RtI.  I had even created cute Powerpoint slides for them to make them more interesting.  

using Dolch Sight Words for Powerpoints on Smartboard, computer and iPads

So I thought, hey I have already placed these Powerpoints in my Dropbox.  I will just have the kids go through the slide show on the iPads.  WRONG!!

The slides did not all format correctly, by just opening them from Dropbox.  So I had to do some thinking...I knew there must be a way to do this.

Enter Slideshark app!!  I downloaded this free (doesn't that word free make you happy?) app and now my Powerpoints are accessible and formatted correctly.  This makes me soooo happy!  I will be able to differentiate my students learning so much more now.  

practicing sight words with technology

Instead of everyone having to practice the same list and take turns, I can now direct them to the list most appropriate for them and they will practice all the words!!!  Yay for Technology!!

My slides now can be utilized in so many different ways...on the Smartboard, on computers, printing them off into books to be sent home for practice...And now on my iPads!

I love learning about how technology can enhance teaching, not just be a tool for playing games.  I have been inspired by Aylin's technology posts over at Learning to the Core.  She and Amanda have a great blog with lots of technology tips!


Link up with Shelly for her Appy Friday!


  1. This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing. I will have to download the slideshark app later today.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. I had never heard of slide shark until this morning!!! I've been saving files as PDFs, then emailing them to myself, then opening them in iBooks. I love your way!!!!

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  3. Nice tips. :) I had never heard of Slide Shark so this will help me a lot! Thanks! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners
    Follow me on Bloglovin'

  4. Oh wow- Slideshark sounds like a great app that I will likely be adding to my list of frequently used apps! I totally agree with the idea that technology should be enhancing student learning/our teaching- not just a spot to play games. Thanks so much for the shout out- totally made my day. :)

  5. I don't have ipads but I now have a Smartboard. I'll definitely need to think about how to use it in a "real world way" like you said.

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  6. Love this! I have them both. They make life easier.
    Sandi at Literacy Minute

  7. Lori this is pure genius! You are my new hero. (Not kidding).
    Thank you thank you thank you!
    Whimsy Workshop

  8. I like that idea a lot- I also found an app you might like called Educreations- it's a recordable whiteboard and you can share what you create. I think that might work for blending words!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  9. Thank you, Bethany! I hope that you find ways to use Slideshark!

  10. Thank you, Bridget! Placing Powerpoints and files in Dropbox, then using Slideshark for the Powerpoints is great!

  11. Thanks Brandee! Slideshark was a huge help!

  12. You are welcome for the shout out, Aylin! You inspire me to keep searching for ways to use technology in the classroom.

  13. Tammy, you will like your Smartboard! If your students have trouble moving things on the board with their finger have them use a tennis ball instead. Much easier for them and it keeps dirty fingers off the screen!

  14. I agree, Sandi, these two apps do make things so much easier!

  15. Susanna, I understand your excitement over these apps! I was thrilled when I found Slideshark! Your hero comment made me laugh!

  16. Maria, thank you so much for that app suggestion! I have to go check that out!

  17. Thanks for sharing slideshark! I have not hear of this one before. Love learning new tech tools to use.


  18. You are welcome, Mrs. Goodwin! Slideshark correctly formatted my Powerpoint slides on my iPad so students can now use them. :)


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