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Best Of For Back To School

Are you ready for Back to School???  I went back this week!   It was a fun, but very busy week.  Love seeing all those sweet, little faces coming back down shiny hallways to their new rooms.

Do you have everything you need for your year?  TpT is having a huge sale!  I cannot wait- it will be so much!  You can get your items at 28% off so you might want to start filling your cart now!

Christina, over at Bainbridge and Bunting, is having such a fun linky to help you with your Back to School shopping!!  It is the Best of & Most Like to... just like in high school. 

My Teacher's Pet would have to be one of my newest creations:  Reading Comprehension Posters.  I will be using these on my Reading Focus Wall.  They come with inserts for students to glue into their reading notebooks.

My Most Likely to Help Your Students Succeed would have to be my new bundle.  I have a bunch of phonemic awareness activities to go with my Kindergarten Assessment Data Binder.  I had a request to bundle them together so people could get it all in one purchase.  You requested and I listened!  The 5 phonemic awareness activities (which also include the assessments!!) and a concepts of print assessment PLUS the Kindergarten Assessment Data Binder are all bundled together for you.  If you get the bundle instead of purchasing individually, you are saving!  It is like getting one of the activities for free!

Best Couple for me would be my Learning My ABCs and Search and Sort:  Reading the Room ABCs.  Learning My ABCs is differentiated center activities for learning to match capitals with their lower case partners and for using the path of movement to write the letters correctly.  My Search and Sort is also for ABCs and the students search the room and decide how to sort the letters.  There are 14 different sorts included!  I have a few twists on my Search and Sorts though.  I don't like for students to just copy down the letters they find.  I want them to sort them and then read them to someone so we know they know what they are writing.  Also, the students remove the cards from the wall and the teacher calls out letters.  When the letters the student pulled off the wall is called they bring it to you.  Just another way to assess if the students really know the letters they are working with- not just copying them down!

And now just for fun, here is one of my senior pictures!  I don't remember if I got any Best of or Most Likely to...  It was fun digging through old photos though!

Don't forget as you shop on Sunday and on Monday to use the code to maximize your savings to the fullest!  It is easy to forget to type that in.  Thank you Michelle at The 3am Teacher for the button!!  Click any picture to go to the item or click here to go to my store.  Happy shopping!!


  1. Love the senior picture! Can't wait for the sale!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. I love your reading comprehension posters! I love your senior pic too. I have one in almost the same pose! :)


  3. Of course, you've got a book with you in your senior picture. Perfect!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Oh my - I don't know if I could even find my senior picture these days. Or if I'd want to! That's just great! Good luck with the sale - you have SO many great prudicts to choose from!

    Whimsy Workshop

  5. Thank you Sally! I hope you did well in the sale!

  6. Thank you Alyssha! I am glad you came by!

  7. Thanks Rachel! That pose was popular, wasn't it?? :)

  8. Thanks Bridget! It was fun digging that picture out!

  9. Tammy, I have always been a reader! I guess my job fits me. :)

  10. Thanks so much, Susanna! I hope you did well in the sale!


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