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RtI Visual Lesson Plans & Freebies!

intervention lesson plans for rti

 It has been a great week and we got a lot accomplished!  The week flew by and it is time to link up with Deedee's Peek at My Week linky.  

We have one week of RtI interventions behind us.  I have two groups of tier III to teach this cycle.  I like to have tier III as one on one, but this time I am having to teach it one teacher (me) to two students due to staffing.   We just don't have enough teachers to cover everything.  Does your school ever not have enough teachers for RtI?  Classroom teachers stay in their rooms to do tier I with reading/literacy teachers staffing tier II and tier III.  
resources to use for RtI intervention groups
I have students in both of my groups working hard to master short vowel sounds.  Whewww, those can be hard for some students to learn and apply to reading and writing.  We will be using several of my activities this week from my short vowel pack to help us out.  As always, click the pictures to download the lesson plans so you can access the clickable links.  

My short vowel activity pack can be found in the First Grade Literacy Bundle along with some other great activities by some first grade teachers.  You only have a few days left to pick this bundle up before it is no longer available.  Click here or the bundle picture at the end of this post to see what all is included!


learning the abcs

I wanted to share what my kinder friends have been working on!  They were learning the letter Mm and needed something personal to link it to.  They chose m & ms so we made Monsters Munching m & ms.  I have always thought it makes a big difference if students (anyone) can make a personal link to what they are learning. 

learning the letter m

Of course, we couldn't just glue the m & ms to the monsters, we had to sample a few too!  Click here if you would like the pattern to this fun activity.  I included m & m circles in case your school doesn't allow the candy.  

Another Freebie!
Beginning Sight Words freebie

For your students that are reading beginning sight words, here is an I Have Who Has freebie game for you!  Click here or the picture to pick it up.

Educents Bundle

Happy, blessed Sunday everyone!

ABCs & Alphabet Arcs

I was looking for some new alphabet books and I have found some really cute new ones out there!  Or at least they are new to me!

Eric Carle's ABC:  Of course, who can resist the artwork in Eric Carle's books?  I like this one because the capital letter is at the top of the pages and the lower case letter begins each corresponding word.  It has a really nice lay out to it.

Creature abc:  Beautiful, beautiful book!  Great photographs of animals in this book.

ABC: A Child's First Alphabet Book:  Wonderful illustrations in this abc book and each picture has several pictures of objects for that letter.  

Not Another Boring ABC Book:  Bright, colorful and fun illustrations in this abc book.  I like that the letters, both capital and lower case are at the top of the page, words that begin with these letters are included and then those words are used in a sentence.  This is a fun book!

1 2 3 Versus A B C:  A new take on an ABC book!  Numbers vs. Letters on who is more important.  I like how it shows both numbers and letters and how they are different.  We all know some students who get these mixed up!

ABCs of Halloween:  And one abc book for the Halloween season coming up!  Nice illustrations featuring the capital letters.  This book does show and mention witches, so it may not be for you if you are not allowed to read books like that in your school.  

using an alphabet arc with abc books

One way I like to use ABC books is with an ABC arc.  An arc is a great way for students to work with the abcs.  Curve the capitals or lower case magnetic letters into an arc.  As student read the book they pull down the letters that match the ones in the book.  It is a great activity to help student learn their letters and to learn where the letters are at in abc order.  

Don't forget about our First Grade Literacy Bundle!  And you can still enter the giveway for my Folktale unit.  Click here to see more about the bundle or to enter the giveaway!

RtI Visual Lesson Plans

Wow!  What do you think of my new blog look??  I am loving it!!  Christi Fultz from Design By Christi Blogs created this for me.  She is fabulous to work with and has great ideas.  If you are wanting a new look, go see her!  

It is finally time!  RtI time!!  Is that weird to be excited for RtI?  I know it is almost a bad word in some schools.  Which really is too bad...RtI, if done correctly, can really be a benefit to students.  It IS a lot of work, I won't say it isn't.  But RtI can help students pick up on some skills that somehow they were missing out on.  

This year both of my groups are Tier III.  We will be working hard on picking up on some lost skills and we will be applying them.  That is really huge for my students to actually apply what they are learning, not just learning it in isolation.  

So I will hold them accountable for sight words that they should know- they will read stories with them and I will expect to see them written in their writing correctly.  When we practice rhyming, I will be looking to see if the students can hear those sounds and then apply it to words when reading/writing:  what word that you know does that sound like?  use this word that you know how to spell to help you with this new word.  It is a lot about the application process!

I will be using my iPads a lot in RtI.  If you are using PowerPoints on iPads, be sure to check out my post from this summer.  The SlideShark app will keep your PowerPoints formatted correctly and is a huge help.  Click here to read that post.

My plans this week include a fall themed freebie for rhyming by SpeechieK.  You can click here to get the link for it.  Or as always, download the visual lesson plans to be able to use all of the links. 

In case you missed yesterday's post, I was included in the Educents First Grade Literacy Bundle!!  I am so excited about this!!  You get 18 literacy activity packs for 75% off- unbelievable savings.  You really should check this bundle out by clicking the picture below.

Be sure and link up with Mrs. Will's Kindergarten for a Peek at my Week!

Amazing First Grade Bundle & Pin It To Win It

Classroom routines are settling a bit, students are getting into the groove of things, and we are really starting to dig deeper into our curriculum!  So I have teamed up with Educents and some other bloggers to offer you this great First Grade Literacy Bundle at a huge discount for a limited time!  (And keep reading for an opportunity to win an item from my store!)

You get 18 amazing literacy items to help your learners become better readers and writers!  Included are centers, printables, posters, readers, and even a little science and social studies because those are literacy too!

My students always are needing extra practice with short vowels, so I created this short vowel packet to help students out.  It has 6 different short vowel activities to help your students practice and master those short vowel sounds!

Short Vowel Foldable

 Short Vowel Roll A Word

 Short Vowel Booklet

 Short Vowel Picture Sort

 Short Vowel Bingo

 Short Vowel Making Words

There are 17 other products in our bundle to get your kids learning!  Hop along to see all the goodies you will get!  You are going to love what is in this bundle!  So many wonderful packs that you are going to want to check out!

But that's not all!   I am giving you a chance to Pin It to Win It .  If you win, you will get my Folktale:  Compare and Contrast Unit.    Pin any image of the Educents Bundle or any picture of the Short Vowel Pack and enter below to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
So head on over to Educents when you are ready and stock up on amazing literacy resources for first!

David and Mean Jean Teach Connections

We have been on a run of David and beginning of the year books!  These are our Davids that we learned how to draw.  

I have a habit of choosing books that you might not think go together in a unit.  We have been working on making connections.  And not text to self connections.  Common core would have us go deeper than that, so I chose so books that might not seem like they would connect.  

books about respect

Obviously the two David books seem to go together.  But Mean Jean and Farmer Duck don't look like they fit to the children.  I started the year with David Goes to School.  We drew Davids, discussed what he was doing- breaking the rules and why we have those rules.  Rules are mostly to help us be able to learn or to be safe at school.

David Goes to School

The students also decided on a rule they thought was important for school or that they wish we had.  It made a cute display!

Rules for School

Now, on to the other stories and how they fit!  We decided that David Goes to School was about breaking the rules and being disrespectful to his teachers. They thought we were to learn from this character to be respectful to others.

Then came The Recess Queen and some of my students couldn't believe that Mean Jean treated others that way!  Yay that that is still a shock to them!  So they decided that book was about Mean Jean being bossy and disrespectful. Again, they learned from the character that we are to be respectful.

It is so cool to see these young students catching on to the themes and making connections between the books.  I made a big deal about the books not looking like they go together, but it is the "big ideas" inside the books that made them go together.  Before reading the books, the students knew the purpose was to figure out if the new book went fit with the other books and why they thought it fit or didn't.

So of course, by the time we got to No, David they had it down.  David broke the rules at home and was disrespectful to mom.  But when I brought out Farmer Duck, they weren't sure.  But after reading it, they got it!  They were so empathetic to poor duck who was made to do all the work.  We charted our thoughts for each book to organize our thoughts.

Books on Respect

If you have been with me for very long, you know I like to create charts comparing books.  I create one chart and then use Post It notes.  I have multiple classes of the grades so this keeps me from having to create a dozen different charts.  Post It notes can come off between classes then go back on again.  Anything that helps me streamline my teaching is great for me!

Visual Plans, Meetings, & Who's Who

Click the picture to download the plans and to be able to use the links for the resources.

This coming week is going to be a busy, crazy week!  The kids don't have school on Monday, but the teachers have meetings all day.  Sorry, but I would rather just teach!  But I guess I will get to do that later.  I also have 2 parent meetings this week and two other meetings to attend.  So really, I am not sure when teaching will be happening!  AND RtI begins this week too.  We start assessing for baselines and then begin interventions next week.  So that is why I say it is going to be a busy, crazy week!  Ever have weeks like that?

I am happy to say that my kinders have taken a leap and now know most, if not all, the letters in their names.  So, so thankful for that.  We are able to do some other things in class now.  It was taking us a lllloooonnnnngggg time to come in and write our names and practice telling the letters.  But there has been progress made and we are all thankful for it.  

I plan on introducing the iPads to my classes this week.  We have procedures down pretty well now and understand how my class works.  So I think they can handle something new.  They will be thrilled to start working with the iPads!!  I have to confess, I am a bit excited for them too!

Click the picture to download the plans and to be able to use the links for the resources.

Second and third graders are moving right along too.  The connections that they make between texts right now are pretty good.  We will continue to work towards deeper and deeper connections and not just the surface level stuff.

I need your help!  My bulletin board is in a contest and I would LOVE for you to pin it and to Facebook vote for it!!  But PLEASE DON'T pin it from my blog.  That won't count.  You need to click on the picture or click here to be taken to the correct page and pin it from there.   I would really appreciate your help!!

This bulletin board was put together by my para professional.  It was so popular with the kids and teachers!  These are photos from the teachers when they were in school and their favorite book.  The kids tried to guess who the teachers were in the photos.  Most mornings there would be kids and teachers gathered around the board trying to figure out who everyone is!  It was a lot of fun!!

This one was me!  Thank you again if you choose to pin it from the other page and vote for it!!

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Happy Sunday!

Wonderous Word Wall

I put up a different word wall this year and I am loving it!  My friend, Tammy, over at Dots of Fun has these great letter shape boxes.

They were perfect for my word wall!  I like that they have color lining the edges of the boxes.  Color helps students remember the words- like "how" is the blue one and "who" is the red one.  

The boxes are shaped to fit the type of letter: small, tall or those that fall.  The shape can also be helpful to students when learning words.  Tammy made the boxes white and you just add text boxes to them.  You get to the pick the colors you want for the edges. Super easy and they look fantastic!  After printing them, I glued them to black paper to make them stand out more since I was using my board as the background.  

Tammy has made these great little shape boxes for the Dolch sight word lists and for the Fry word lists.  

Click on the picture above or click here to be taken to Tammy's store to check out her Letter Shape Boxes!  This link will take you to the Dolch 1st grade list since that is what I used on my word wall.  But if you are needing the other Dolch lists or the Fry lists, they are there at her store too!  And Tammy's Letter Shape Boxes are on sale right now!!  How great is that?

In Honor of 9/11

Today is the 12th anniversary of that tragic day in September.  I want to honor those injured, who lost their lives and those that served helping and protecting that day.  

Do you remember where you were that day?  I was teaching my second grade class when a teacher's aide came to tell me what had happened.  It was shocking, but the way this country came together to help one another through tragedy was a beautiful thing. 

Guided Reading Visual Plans

Wow!  What a busy week!  It was a short week, but we were just working away learning all we could in the time we had.  I squeezed in a long informative meeting even!

We are working, working so hard in my K groups on learning our names.  For whatever reason, it seems the letters are having trouble sticking, but we ARE making progress!  Yay for that!!  We will still be building and writing our names most days this coming week because we are not ready yet to move on.  My ABC chart gets a work out every day as we read that thing ALL the time.  I keep them in plastic sleeves to protect them from the little fingers that run across them all day long.  

We will be using the name poem Birds in a Tree. It is a freebie!  If you missed my post last week, click here to pick it up!

My classes are still on making connections between texts, so we are continuing with the theme of respect- which is also our character word for the month.  I like to do a read aloud on Tuesdays to introduce or review my comprehension skill .  That is why I have Farmer Duck in the plans for several grades.  If you have not read that book, it is a GREAT one!

Second and Third Grades are moving along too.  We need to do some review over our short vowels though.  I hope we can spend a couple weeks on that and then move on quickly to a silent e long vowel review.  It is a constant push to keep moving forward with our skills!

Last week, due partly to the meeting, my third graders didn't get through everything I had planned.  So I had to move it to this week.  Teachers have to be flexible if nothing else, don't we?  I hate not to stay on schedule, but life happens.  

Click the pictures to download the plans or to access the links to the resources.

Be sure and link up with Mrs. Wills for her Peek at my Week Linky! 

RtI is starting soon for us.  I will switch over to posting RtI plans.  Does your school start RtI soon or have you already begun?

Happy Sunday!

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