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Guided Reading Visual Lesson Plans

All my assessing of kindergarten and first grade students is finally complete and I was able to begin group work this past week.  My first week with groups, I make tentative lesson plans that help me to see just where my groups are.  After this past week, we are now ready to just dive right in and get to work!

Last week, I read David Goes to School to start our year off.  This coming week we will launch from that book to another school book, The Recess Queen.  I want to use that book to start off our comprehension skills of making connections.  According to Common Core it is important to be making connections between texts and not so much making connections to self.  

I will be using my connections poster on the focus wall and the insert from that to place in our reading notebooks.  

We do a lot of writing after we read in my groups.  For our state testing, our third graders must write a letter in correct form so on Fridays I have my second and third graders write me a letter in their reading notebook about how they used that week's comprehension skill with evidence.  

If you click on the pictures above, you can download the lesson plans.  The comprehension posters and Ashley Hughes ABC Popsicles are hyperlinked so that you can find them if you need them.  


Name Activities

I have had a huge response to this name fun post!  So many people have asked for the pattern.  The pattern has been linked if you would like to have it.  Just click here or click the picture above.  

I hope you are enjoying this long, holiday weekend!  Join up with Deedee with her Peek at my Week linky!  It is a great way to see what everyone is teaching for the week.  When RtI starts up at the end of the month, I will be linking up my RtI lesson plans too!


  1. What?! No scripted programs being taught in your week? (I'm naughty.) I love what you do!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Lori - those little button names are so precious! I will definitely add to my collection of ideas for next week when I start up school.
    Oh - and regarding your comment about losing our teacher desks, I'm not as brave as it seems because I made my husband store it in his room until I've decided for sure! Shhh.... But the extra room in the class is SO nice to have.
    Go for it! :-)
    Whimsy Workshop Teaching

  3. My plans look very similar to yours for my little kindergartners and 1st graders too. I'm so excited to start groups and be done with testing as well- woohoo!
    Learning to the Core

  4. You are welcome Barb! I hope your students like the name fun!

  5. Thank you so much, Tammy! No scripted plans for me or programs either! :)

  6. Thanks Susanna! I hope you can use the name fun with your kids!

  7. I hope you got all your assessing done, Aylin. It seems to take so much of our time, doesn't it? I like that our plans seem similar for what we are teaching!


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