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RtI Visual Lesson Plans & Freebies!

intervention lesson plans for rti

 It has been a great week and we got a lot accomplished!  The week flew by and it is time to link up with Deedee's Peek at My Week linky.  

We have one week of RtI interventions behind us.  I have two groups of tier III to teach this cycle.  I like to have tier III as one on one, but this time I am having to teach it one teacher (me) to two students due to staffing.   We just don't have enough teachers to cover everything.  Does your school ever not have enough teachers for RtI?  Classroom teachers stay in their rooms to do tier I with reading/literacy teachers staffing tier II and tier III.  
resources to use for RtI intervention groups
I have students in both of my groups working hard to master short vowel sounds.  Whewww, those can be hard for some students to learn and apply to reading and writing.  We will be using several of my activities this week from my short vowel pack to help us out.  As always, click the pictures to download the lesson plans so you can access the clickable links.  

My short vowel activity pack can be found in the First Grade Literacy Bundle along with some other great activities by some first grade teachers.  You only have a few days left to pick this bundle up before it is no longer available.  Click here or the bundle picture at the end of this post to see what all is included!


learning the abcs

I wanted to share what my kinder friends have been working on!  They were learning the letter Mm and needed something personal to link it to.  They chose m & ms so we made Monsters Munching m & ms.  I have always thought it makes a big difference if students (anyone) can make a personal link to what they are learning. 

learning the letter m

Of course, we couldn't just glue the m & ms to the monsters, we had to sample a few too!  Click here if you would like the pattern to this fun activity.  I included m & m circles in case your school doesn't allow the candy.  

Another Freebie!
Beginning Sight Words freebie

For your students that are reading beginning sight words, here is an I Have Who Has freebie game for you!  Click here or the picture to pick it up.

Educents Bundle

Happy, blessed Sunday everyone!


  1. Cute Monster craft! Thanks for the freebies, especially the I have who has- I can use that with my first graders!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

    1. Thank you Maria! The kids loved doing the monsters!

  2. I agree. If there's a link, their learning sticks so much better.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Linking their learning to something important or personal to the kids helps so much! Thanks for always coming by to comment, Tammy!

  3. Forget the M&M'S for the kids...I know I'd have good intentions when I bought them but I also know I'd eat them all before the kids even got to school. Thank goodness for your wisdom in providing the M&M'S template. BTW, our school's Support Staff only take out the Tier 3 Learners. The classroom teacher deals with Tiers 1&2. If we are really stuck we sometimes have a Support Staff member with us in our rooms for a block alternate days.
    With thanks
    Julie :-)

    1. Julie, I am so sorry that classroom teachers at your school have to do both tiers 1 and 2. That must be difficult to pull off. It definitely helps to have those tiers 2 and 3 being pulled out in small groups. Thanks for coming by!

  4. I just have to give my experience with RTI. I teach first grade, and I have to work with Tiers 1, 2, and 3. I do not have any help in this. I am so jealous of what you have!

    1. TeachJM, I am very sorry to hear that you are having to do all 3 tiers for RtI. It is so beneficial to have tiers 2 and 3 pulled out into small groups. I hate that you don't have help with this. Maybe some of the teachers at your building need to get together to see what kind of changes could be made. Good luck! Thank you for coming by to visit!

  5. We don't have RTi groups. Would be nice if we did RTi the way it is suppose to be used. As the Title I teacher for kindergarten, I would be considered Tier 1 and 2. We do have intervention specialists for Tier 3. We don't refer to them tiers, though. It's just whoever qualifies for services.

    I love the m and m monsters. Now that we are using Wilson Fundations, I am unable to use fun, cute things to reinforce letters.

    1. Lee Ann, I wish you were able to do RtI differently too. It is too bad that so many schools are struggling with that because of staffing or what ever. I am glad you liked the monsters!


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