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We Are Readers!

Had a great evening of conferences last week!  Makes for a very long day for the teachers, but it is really nice to touch base with the parents.  

I try to build a culture of reading and that we are all readers in my room.  So to get ready for conferences we made a We Are Readers display.  K-3 drew their portraits.  We went step by step to draw these and they all turned out so great!

Then students decided on a favorite book title for the outside of the book that went on their portraits.  I told the students to bring their parents to our wall and to not tell them which one they drew of themselves.  I wanted the parents to see if they could guess which portrait belonged to their child.

It has been a popular wall!  I see students standing their looking at the pictures and book titles all the time.  

Pete the Cat I Can Read Books

Have you seen the Pet the Cat I Can Read books?  So cute!  A parent donated one of the titles to my class this year.  Students are going to love them as much as the other Pete the Cat books!  I have the Pete's Big Lunch and I can think of lots of fun ways to use this book for reading and writing!  Now I need to add the others to my ever growing list of books to buy!

RtI Intervention Plans & Strategy Freebie

visual lesson plans

This has been a very busy week!  Parent/Teacher Conferences were on Thursday.  We dismiss early at 11:45 and have conferences until 8:00 that night.  It is a long day, but a great day visiting and conferencing with all the parents. 

Visual Lesson Plans

Both of my RtI groups are doing well and we are almost to the half way point. It is going so fast.  Before I know it my time with my RtI groups will be over for the first cycle.  Both groups have mastered their sight word list and have moved on to the next list!  

Using Reading Strategies

After conferencing with my parents, I am going to follow up with a letter home and this reminder about using strategies.  I spent a lot of time talking to the parents about having students read at home and how to help them.  We also talked about using the same kind of language that we are using at school.  So I will send this home for them to hang on the refrigerator or to cut apart and use as bookmarks as reminders.  It is a freebie and you can click here if you would like!

Have you hopped through our Super Sleuths Blog Hop?  If you missed it, today is the last day.  There are 28 really wonderful freebies offered by 28 reading blogger teachers that you will not want to miss.  Click the picture above to begin on your hop!

Have a blessed Sunday!

Super Sleuth Blog Hop Stop #7

Welcome to our Reading Super Sleuth Blog Hop!!!  I am so glad you are here to have a lot of fun, find a bunch of freebies and enter a contest!

If you are just beginning our hop, you will need to head back to blog #1 (click on blog#1 to get there).    You will want to download the blog hop guide when you get to blog #1 so you can keep track of your clues!  This is going to be a LOT of fun and you are going to get a LOT of great FREEBIES!!!

Prove It To Me!

Students like being detectives and trying to find clues, right?  Readers need to be like detectives and find the clues that authors leave in their text to help readers understand what they are reading.  

I know a lot of students need more practice not only finding those clues, but using those clues in written answers to prove what they are thinking.  They can put on their detective hats, look for the clues and use the clues as evidence to prove what they are thinking.

As part of our Super Sleuth Blog Hop, I created this Prove It To Me! for your students to practice finding clues and using the evidence in their writing.  If you click the picture, it will take you to where you can download it for free!

If you like this freebie, you may also want to check out my Prove It To Me Character Traits.  You can click the picture below or click here to see it.

A great way to improve comprehension is to build fluency.  These fluency intervention binders strengthen fluency with fun and engaging activities.  Click here to see them.  Sets are available individually and as a bundle.

Now that you have read about using evidence in your writing to prove your thinking,  you're ready for my clue.  On your form, you can record the letter...

Thank you  for stopping by my blog today.  I hope my Prove It To Me! unit will help your students learn to find and use clues as evidence of their thinking.   If you'd like to keep informed of upcoming events from our group, please click the Bloglovin or Google Friends button to the right to follow my blog.  I appreciate your interest in reading and writing!  Now, on to the...


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Freebie Fridays

RtI Intervention Plans & iPad app

visual plans

What a week!  We just finished up our Reading Celebrations with a cowboy theme (pictures coming soon) and this week will be our Parent/Teacher Conferences.  We do get Friday off of school, but the long day and night of conferences makes up for it.  Our school dismissed students at 12:00 and then conferences until 8:00.  I have about 40 conferences to do within that time frame.  Lots and lots of fast talking to get it all in!

My tier III students are showing some progress and are ready to move on to the next sight word list.  They have worked really hard for this and were proud of themselves.  Some improvement  has been made on short vowel sounds, but not enough yet so we will press on.  One student is showing difficulty with ending sounds.  So I need to adjust my teaching to that and squeeze in some time for that skill.  And I do mean squeeze in time!  Our RtI time is 30 minutes every day- and our principal protects that time.  I always feel like I need more time with these students.  

RtI lesson plans

ipad apps for the classroom

Sound Beginnings is an iPad app that I found that will help my students with beginning, middle, and ending sounds.  You have control over which sounds, how many choices, and whether students go from pictures to letters or letters to pictures.  It is a great app that gives the student some really good practice on these skills and it's FREE!  I forgot to include in my visual plans, but it will be a good one for my student that needs to strengthen ending sounds/letters.

Happy blessed Sunday!

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