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RtI Reading Intervention Plans & Freebie

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Finally a spring weekend with no snow in the forecast!  What a wonderful thing!  And we are celebrating my father-in-law's 80th birthday.  It's a great day!

My Tier II group is about halfway through their cycle and really making some great progress.  This is my kindergarten group.  They have just really moved right along and are picking up skills pretty well.  For some of them, I think the fact that they go out of the room and are in small group for the entire 30 minutes is a huge help to them.  They are easily distracted so this small group time with nothing else happening in the room has really been good for them.   

My third grade, Tier III, students are also making progress.  But they are finding it harder to make as big of gains in the same time frame as the younger students. I think that really speaks to catching students as soon as we can and correcting what we can as soon as possible.  

One of my third graders needs to work on the 3 sounds of ed this week  If you would like this freebie, just click here or the picture below!

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Family Literacy Night

We celebrated Family Literacy Night last week.  It was a lot of fun!  Parents, grandparents, students, little brothers and sisters attended and participated in the activities.

This was our table to welcome families and have them sign in before beginning the fun!  We have to turn the signatures in so we want everyone to sign.

Family Literacy Night Activities

When students and their families arrived they stopped by my table to pick up their Scavenger Hunt paper and a pencil.  During the scavenger hunt, they read the clues and looked for letters hidden around the school.  These letters were then written to finish a Dr. Seuss quote.  

So many people have asked me for a Literacy Night Scavenger Hunt!    Thank you all so much for your interest in this!

Activity for families for Literacy Night

Activity for Families for Literacy Night

Activity for Families for Literacy Night

Once students and families finished with the scavenger hunt, each student and sibling got a pretty pencil and Dr. Seuss bookmark.  They also received a green raffle ticket for the book drawing!

Family Literacy Night Activities

We had buckets of books for the pre-k to 1st graders and second and third graders to put their names into for the drawing.  The kids really enjoyed stopping by the tables to look through the books they just might win!

Family Literacy Night Activities

We had a table for the older students and even a bucket of books for their parents to have a chance at winning too!  I think the parents really appreciated being included in this.   

At another table we asked parents to fill out a parent survey letting us know how we were doing and suggestions for how we could help them (parents). 

That night the book fair was also open late so parents could come and shop with their families and buy lots of books.  

It was a fun night and a great way to get to know the families!  What does your school do for Literacy or Math Nights?  I would love to hear about it!

RtI: Charting Student Progress

RtI Reading Intervention Lesson Plans
Click the Picture to Download the Links to the Resources

Was this not just the busiest week?  We had off Monday for yet ANOTHER snow day (day 23 or 24- I've have lost track), so it was a short week.  But I think we tried to pack in as much as we could in those four days!  

This next week is also a 4 day week, so we have lots to try to accomplish in RtI.  Sometimes it seems like it takes the students a bit to get going on their progress, but then they take off and things start clicking!  

My kinders are working on different phonemic awareness skills.  One little one is still on blending phonemes, but it has finally clicked when I stretch out /b/  /i/  /k/  I am NOT trying to say the word wet!  Another student is working on identifying common phonemes.  One boy has moved past that on to deleting phonemes.  He will not be there long- he is picking that right up!

sight word activities

 These are what I am using to chart the kindergartners' progress with Dolch Sight Words.  As you can see, we are making slow, but steady progress.  Kindergartners love to see the progress they are making and it really motivates them to try their best to do more!

sight word activities

If you would like this chart for the Dolch Pre-Primer words, you can click here.

The kids like to play Hide the Monster sight word game (click here to see that post) and Roll A Sight Word.  We practice stretching out sight words, listening for the sounds we hear and writing them.  I keep our learned sight words in baggies and add new words to the baggies as they are introduced.  Then we take a couple of minutes everyday to review them. 

We had our Family Literacy Night Thursday.  I'll post pictures Wednesday of the activities we did for that.  It was a lot of fun!

Students Track Their RtI Progress

RtI Lesson Plans and Resources
Click the picture to download the visual plan and access the links to resources.

We are rolling right along with our RtI groups.  Busy each day with our activities and learning.  I have included a freebie today so keep reading!  Some days are filled with the students putting forth a lot of effort to learn what I am asking of them.  Other days are full of smiles when they realize they are getting it and making progress.  Love those days that show the students the pay off for their own hard work!!

My third graders are working on building phonics skills to strengthen their fluency.  The two that I am working with find it difficult to remember to apply the skills they learn to their actual reading.  Fluency for them is at best a struggle.  But we are working on it small pieces at a time and improving along the way!

Chart Fluency Progress Data

I want my students to take some responsibility for their learning.  We talk about how our graphs are not a competition with other students.  They are competing with themselves to try to raise that bar each week.  Doesn't matter what other students are doing.  This boy has speech difficulties that interfere with him pronouncing the words at times.  He wants to try to go through his reading as fast as possible and when he doesn't know a word it may come out as a nonsense word.  We are working to break the words into syllables and try to come up with a word that makes sense in the sentence, not just throw out some sounds.  This may look like really small progress, but I tell you it is not.  Last week, he was at 9 errors in one minute.  This week, he dropped to 4 errors and even self corrected once.  He NEVER self-corrects!  Progress!

Graph Fluency Data

This girl is seeing some great progress with her fluency.  We are still way off the mark for where we should be at 3rd grade, but we focus on raising the bar each week at least a little bit.  Small steps.  But this past Friday, she really raised the bar!  Made both of us feel really good about her progress and how she is learning to be more fluent. Even reading with more expression and phrasing!  She has gone from 6 errors last week in one minute to 2 errors.  Left both of us smiling!

If you are looking for some sight word phrases for your kindergartners or first graders or even lower readers, you might like this freebie.  You can use it on your Smartboard, on your computer for a literacy center, or print them off to make a booklet.  Click here or click the picture to be taken to where you can get it.  

Next week, I will share the graphs the kindergartners are keeping of their progress in RtI.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

Book Order Fun: Authentic Activities

authentic activities to do with book orders

I am always looking for real world, authentic activities for students to do.  I just like them more than worksheets and students can see the the real world application of doing activities like that.  And they are anything but boring!

I am participating with a group of fabulous bloggers again with Bright Ideas.  No products.  No freebies.  Just great classroom ideas ready for you to start using!

There are so many different ways to use those book order forms that come to your room.  These are real world activities that students can see the value in doing.  They give choice to students too, which is a big deal to them.

1.  Genre Sort:  Students cut out books from book orders and sort by genre.  How many genres and which ones you use depends on the age of students and examples you find in the book order.

Authentic Book Order Activities

2.  Author's Purpose Sort:  Students sort books by PIE:  Persuade, Inform, or Entertain.

Authentic Book Order Activities

3.  Book Pick and Persuasion:  Choose one book for our classroom library then write a letter to persuade your teacher to purchase it.

4.  $20 Spending Spree:  You have $20 to choose what you want to spend it on getting as close to $20 as you can without going over.

5.  Informational Book and Text Feature Prediction:  Choose an informational book and predict what text features the author may include in it to help you with your comprehension.

6.  Find the Difference:  Choose 5 books and find the difference between the regular price and the sale price for each one.

7.  Alphabetize It!  Choose 10 books and students put them in alphabetical order.  Be sure to remove the order form from the back of the book order since they are in ABC order there.

8.  Adjective Hunt:  Find adjectives used in book titles.

9.  Star Reader:  Students study the Star Reader in the book order and create their own write up recommending a book that they have read.

Authentic Book Order Activities

10.  Wish List & Evidence:  Students create a wish list of the items they would like from the book order.  Then they write a letter to their parents providing evidence of the chores or extra things they will do in exchange for their parents purchasing the items for them.  

I hope you have enjoyed these fun book order ideas!  Be sure to check out Anna's Bright Idea about Guided Math!  You are sure to enjoy it!

Just click on Anna's button to check out her Guided Math ideas.  You can also search by topic using the link-up below and move along to any 
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Protect Your Files

Are you doing anything to protect all your files?  Your family pictures, clip art, school work, products you've created, etc...

I have heard heart breaking stories of teachers and their computers crashing.  Then all their data, files, and photos are gone!  I cannot imagine!

After hearing about this happening to several people that I know, I started checking into what I could do to protect myself.  I am a person who likes to research things a bit before deciding and figuring out what will work best for me.  Here are some options I considered before I made my decision.

Flash Drives 
When I first started researching what would work for me, some people told me they used flash drives to store everything.  But I have read that some people's flash drives failed on them.    Same for external hard drives.  And the REAL reason I chose not to go with flash drives or external hard drives is that I would have to go in and save all my files that I already have.  I have a LOT of files.  I know myself and I know that I would not go through and save all my old stuff.  Plus, I might forget to save new items.  So on to the next idea....


Dropbox is GREAT!  I love it for what I use it for.  In the past, I would need to send a file to myself at school.  I would email it and sometimes it would go through and sometimes the file would be too large.  Dropbox to the rescue!!  What a wonderful way to share files!  I drop a file into my Dropbox account and it is there when I get to school and need it.  I know some teachers use Dropbox completely for ALL their files.  They store everything there. It is safe and easy to use.  But, again, what gets me for my own personal style is I know I won't go through all my old files and resave them.  So I use Dropbox for files that I share and that I need access to from different places.  
If you decide to use Dropbox, click here to get started or on the picture above.


Carbonite is what I ended up going with.  It has been so easy and effortless to use!  You don't have to do anything other than sign up.  I do pay for this ($59.99 per year).  For me this is totally worth it not to lose all the clip art and blog photos, plus family pictures and files that my computer is storing.  And the HUGE plus for me was I didn't have to go back and manually save everything I already have saved.  Carbonite does it for you!  All my TpT files, clip art that I have purchased, every-thing is backed up for you.  All my previously saved and everything I save now is automatically backed up.  It just gives me piece of mind if my computer decides to blow up or just mysteriously die, my files are still safe.  You can sign up for a free trial even.  It will take a while for all your files to be backed up at first, but Carbonite does that in the background for you.  If you are interested in Carbonite, click here to get started or click the picture above.

I hope this information on protecting your files helps you.  These are just ideas that work for me and give me peace of mind.  It is important to do something if you have things on your computer that you do not want lost forever.  

RtI Visual Lessons & Sight Word Monster

RtI lesson plans

One week down of RtI!  Students are in their routines now of where to go at their RtI time and what they will be doing when they get there.  Last week we were getting off to a great start and I am starting to see some understanding of what we are doing!

I have a couple of kindergarten students working on blending/segmenting phonemes and a couple that are working towards identifying common phonemes.  One little guy, who had moved into our district part way through the year, is just struggling hearing the sounds stretched out in a word and then blending them back together.  But we ARE getting better!!  Using his arm as we segmented helped.  This week, I am going to add pictures of objects to help him have a visual cue:  /b/ /a/ /t/:  then he will choose either the picture of the bat or a cup.  I think it will begin to click more for him after using pictures to choose from since he can't hang on to all the sounds long enough to put them back together to form a word. 

visual lesson plans and resources

My kinders that are working on identifying common phonemes can hear when the phonemes are the same at the beginning of the word, but haven't been able to hear them at the end of the word:  cup  rap =  /p/.  But we will get there!  After all, this is only week two coming up!

sight word activity

One of the fun things we did last week with our pre-primer sight words is play what the kids have named "The Monster Game"!  I printed the 5 words we were working on that week and placed them face up for them to choose a card to read.  

Sight Word activity

If they could read the word they chose, I would then pull the card to see if a monster was hiding behind it.  Something so little was hugely motivating!  This month, I think I will change the monster out to a leprechaun.  They will love that!  Oh, I also used 2 monsters instead of one.  I felt like these kindergartners needed more chances to find a  monster to help them stay engaged with the game.

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Hope you are staying warm and away from the ice and snow today!  We are supposed to get ice, sleet and snow!!

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