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RtI: Charting Student Progress

RtI Reading Intervention Lesson Plans
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Was this not just the busiest week?  We had off Monday for yet ANOTHER snow day (day 23 or 24- I've have lost track), so it was a short week.  But I think we tried to pack in as much as we could in those four days!  

This next week is also a 4 day week, so we have lots to try to accomplish in RtI.  Sometimes it seems like it takes the students a bit to get going on their progress, but then they take off and things start clicking!  

My kinders are working on different phonemic awareness skills.  One little one is still on blending phonemes, but it has finally clicked when I stretch out /b/  /i/  /k/  I am NOT trying to say the word wet!  Another student is working on identifying common phonemes.  One boy has moved past that on to deleting phonemes.  He will not be there long- he is picking that right up!

sight word activities

 These are what I am using to chart the kindergartners' progress with Dolch Sight Words.  As you can see, we are making slow, but steady progress.  Kindergartners love to see the progress they are making and it really motivates them to try their best to do more!

sight word activities

If you would like this chart for the Dolch Pre-Primer words, you can click here.

The kids like to play Hide the Monster sight word game (click here to see that post) and Roll A Sight Word.  We practice stretching out sight words, listening for the sounds we hear and writing them.  I keep our learned sight words in baggies and add new words to the baggies as they are introduced.  Then we take a couple of minutes everyday to review them. 

We had our Family Literacy Night Thursday.  I'll post pictures Wednesday of the activities we did for that.  It was a lot of fun!


  1. Too many little people even coming into first grade don't know that /b/ /i/ /k/ isn't "wet" either. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Oh, that isn't good either, Tammy! Can be frustrating, right? Got to get them on track with their phonemic awareness.

  2. One of mine is struggling with blending phonemes too...he substitutes words like butterfly and watermelon for cat, has, and bag. I don't get it.


  3. Ha! I just have to laugh at the /b/i/k/ to wet comment- I know that all too well! I love the way you have students chart their progress- so great!
    Aylin :)
    Learning to the Core

    1. I know, /b/ /i/ /k/ = wet is funny, Aylin! Funny, but ahhh we have to get that corrected. He is on his way though!

  4. My student did a lot better when I narrowed the choices down to two pictures for him to choose the answer from. It was like that helped him to figure out what I was asking him to do. Thank you for stopping by, Maria!


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