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RtI Visual Lessons & Sight Word Monster

RtI lesson plans

One week down of RtI!  Students are in their routines now of where to go at their RtI time and what they will be doing when they get there.  Last week we were getting off to a great start and I am starting to see some understanding of what we are doing!

I have a couple of kindergarten students working on blending/segmenting phonemes and a couple that are working towards identifying common phonemes.  One little guy, who had moved into our district part way through the year, is just struggling hearing the sounds stretched out in a word and then blending them back together.  But we ARE getting better!!  Using his arm as we segmented helped.  This week, I am going to add pictures of objects to help him have a visual cue:  /b/ /a/ /t/:  then he will choose either the picture of the bat or a cup.  I think it will begin to click more for him after using pictures to choose from since he can't hang on to all the sounds long enough to put them back together to form a word. 

visual lesson plans and resources

My kinders that are working on identifying common phonemes can hear when the phonemes are the same at the beginning of the word, but haven't been able to hear them at the end of the word:  cup  rap =  /p/.  But we will get there!  After all, this is only week two coming up!

sight word activity

One of the fun things we did last week with our pre-primer sight words is play what the kids have named "The Monster Game"!  I printed the 5 words we were working on that week and placed them face up for them to choose a card to read.  

Sight Word activity

If they could read the word they chose, I would then pull the card to see if a monster was hiding behind it.  Something so little was hugely motivating!  This month, I think I will change the monster out to a leprechaun.  They will love that!  Oh, I also used 2 monsters instead of one.  I felt like these kindergartners needed more chances to find a  monster to help them stay engaged with the game.

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Hope you are staying warm and away from the ice and snow today!  We are supposed to get ice, sleet and snow!!


  1. Oh Lori, I love that monster game! You are right- they will LOVE the leprechauns! :) Thanks for sharing the idea. :) Your plans look so great. Have a wonderful week!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

    1. Thank you so much, Carolyn! The Monster Sight Word game has been a big hit and something they request to play.

  2. I work with 30 kindergarten Title I students, 5 groups. I have several who are unable to hear sounds blend and many who leave off the beginning sound and just give the rime part for the word. They blend every day during their Fundations time in their class and also with me. I give them phonics phones to help them hear the sounds, but that doesn't help either. I like the idea of giving them pictures.

    1. Lee Ann, my little student who has been having such difficulty has been finding some success with the pictures. I show him 2 completely different pictures: bus cap and segment cap for him to blend together. Then the next step was to show two pictures that began the same: box bat and segment that for him. It is helping him. Good luck to you!

  3. Kindergartners and monsters make a great pair. I can see how motivated they would be to stay engaged and learn at the same time. Hopefully no ice storms for you!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Thanks so much, Tammy! They sure do like their monsters! And we did end up with some ice and snow!

  4. Hi Lori, I am relatively new to following your posts, but I have to say, I enjoy and learn from everything you say.................I also am overwhelmed by the amount you can accomplish. On another note, do you have to make up all those snow days, now numbered into the 20s? If so, you will be in school in July.................hope you have A/C (my buildings do not). Oh, and one more question, I almost forgot. Are all the emails I receive from you, since I subscribed through email, archived on this site? I keep saving the emails, but that is taking up too much space in my inbox.

  5. Well, thank you very much, Deb! We do have to make up some of the snow days, but thankfully not every one of them! I don't think we would ever get out if we did! You can scroll down my blog and look on the right hand side, way towards the bottom, and there is an archive of my posts if you want to look up my posts by date and post title. I hope that helps you and I really appreciate you coming by to visit!!


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