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Students Track Their RtI Progress

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We are rolling right along with our RtI groups.  Busy each day with our activities and learning.  I have included a freebie today so keep reading!  Some days are filled with the students putting forth a lot of effort to learn what I am asking of them.  Other days are full of smiles when they realize they are getting it and making progress.  Love those days that show the students the pay off for their own hard work!!

My third graders are working on building phonics skills to strengthen their fluency.  The two that I am working with find it difficult to remember to apply the skills they learn to their actual reading.  Fluency for them is at best a struggle.  But we are working on it small pieces at a time and improving along the way!

Chart Fluency Progress Data

I want my students to take some responsibility for their learning.  We talk about how our graphs are not a competition with other students.  They are competing with themselves to try to raise that bar each week.  Doesn't matter what other students are doing.  This boy has speech difficulties that interfere with him pronouncing the words at times.  He wants to try to go through his reading as fast as possible and when he doesn't know a word it may come out as a nonsense word.  We are working to break the words into syllables and try to come up with a word that makes sense in the sentence, not just throw out some sounds.  This may look like really small progress, but I tell you it is not.  Last week, he was at 9 errors in one minute.  This week, he dropped to 4 errors and even self corrected once.  He NEVER self-corrects!  Progress!

Graph Fluency Data

This girl is seeing some great progress with her fluency.  We are still way off the mark for where we should be at 3rd grade, but we focus on raising the bar each week at least a little bit.  Small steps.  But this past Friday, she really raised the bar!  Made both of us feel really good about her progress and how she is learning to be more fluent. Even reading with more expression and phrasing!  She has gone from 6 errors last week in one minute to 2 errors.  Left both of us smiling!

If you are looking for some sight word phrases for your kindergartners or first graders or even lower readers, you might like this freebie.  You can use it on your Smartboard, on your computer for a literacy center, or print them off to make a booklet.  Click here or click the picture to be taken to where you can get it.  

Next week, I will share the graphs the kindergartners are keeping of their progress in RtI.  Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I like how you approach the graphs as something that's personal and not competitive. I can only imagine how your two little ones mentioned felt about their progress.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. I really want the kids to understand that the graphs are not a competition between each other and only use it to motivate them to do just a little better each week than their score last time. Trying to build them up! Thanks Tammy!

  2. Hi Lori! Aww... poor little fellow with the speech issues! He's so lucky to have a sweet person like you to help him along the way.
    Whimsy Workshop Teaching

    1. Susanna, that was so sweet of you to say!! Thank you! Speech issues sure can get in the way for some of these little ones.

  3. Love the graph but couldn't find the link.

    1. Melanie, the link was for the sight word PowerPoint. I hope that is something you can use! Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Hi Lori..what a great idea to graph RTI progress! I have graphed Math things, Personal Bests in running, spelling but never phonics. Great idea! It looks like those little guys are making progress.

    1. Thank you, Shelley! The graphing seems to be motivating for them as long as they understand they are only competing against themselves. Thanks for coming by!!


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