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Wordless Wednesday- Assessments

I am linking up with Miss DeCarbo over at Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday!  

reading assessments that I use for the end of the year

It is that time of year- end of the year assessment time!  While time consuming, I find it so exciting to assess my students to see where they have progressed.  We use the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) for our reading test.  I also use phonemic awareness screenings and letter recognition/letter sounds assessments for kindergarten.  For grades 1-3, along with the DRA, I assess students with phonics.  

I would love to know what your school uses to assess your students in reading and if you find the information useful or if it is just another test you have to give.  I am always trying to tweak and improve what we do so knowing what others use would be very helpful!

Apps, RtI, & Memories!

Have you checked out the free app called Apps Gone Free?  It lets you know when apps become available for free.  They are free for a limited time only.  You can find some good ones on here.  There are also a lot that I don't personally use, but you can find some free ones for both yourself and for your students!

reading intervention lesson plans and resources
Click the picture to download the links to resources

This is our last week of RtI for Tier II.  At least it is the last week for those students who do not have any absences.  Those that are absent must make up that time.  Some may have to carry over into next week.  My kindergarten group has just been like little sponges, soaking up everything that was put out there for them.  If only I could just keep them in school a day or two a week all summer so they wouldn't lose all this great progress!  Their phonemic awareness skills have been strengthened so much.  Several of the students are working on different phonemic awareness skills, but by listening to me when I am teaching a different skill to another student, they are picking up on those skills too!  Love the growth!

My third graders are in tier III and have a few more weeks to go.  They are also showing progress.  But as students get older, it seems to be a bit more difficult for them to show the rapid progress the younger students show.  At my school we work really hard to catch students early on skill deficits and try to get that corrected as soon as we can. 

Memory Makers Keepsake School Book

We have less than a month of school left!!  Where has this year gone?  So many activities and fun times with friends and it goes by in a flash!  This Memory Maker book can help your students capture those memories and become a keepsake of everything they did and the friends they made.  

Memory Makers Keepsake School Book

If you don't want to use a colored cover, you can use this alternate cover in black and white and save your colored ink!

Memory Makers Keepsake School Book

There are lots of different pages for the students to fill out about themselves, their friends and things they did this year in your class.

Memory Makers Keepsake School Book

Memory Makers Keepsake School Book

If you would like see more about this Memory Maker just click here or any of the pictures above.  

Enjoy your week!

RtI Visual Plans & Short Vowels

Happy Easter!  We are blessed to have Friday and tomorrow off for our spring break, despite many, many snow days this winter.  I have enjoyed our short spring break, but I have to admit that I am feeling the stress of the amount of things I still want to cover before our school year ends.  Are you feeling it too??

Our RtI for Tier II is almost completed.  I just cannot believe how fast it has gone and the amount of progress these students are achieving!  I really do believe in picking 2 appropriate interventions and giving instruction in those areas until mastery has been met.  Then moving on to the next interventions.  Building upon skills in this way is showing progress and results in the student's work and reading!

If you want the links to the resources in my visual plans just click here or click the picture.  The Spring Roll A Word is a FREEBIE.

Short Vowel Literacy Center

I have students needing review with short vowel sounds.  They enjoy making these vowel flip books.

Short Vowel Literacy Centers

I have used the short vowel picture sorting so many times!  Great center activity.

Short Vowel Literacy Centers

We use this Roll A Word in RtI quite a bit.  Actually, this whole short vowel pack gets a work out in my RtI groups! 

Short Vowel Literacy Centers

There are 6 short vowel activities for your students in this one.  Click here or on any of the pictures to see it!

Did you get to have Friday off or possibly even Monday?  I hope that you did and that you had a blessed Easter!

Duck on a Bike & Center Time

My first graders have been reading one of my favorite books- Duck on a Bike!!  I love, love, love this book!  They do too.  We have had so much fun thinking about a duck and all his animal friends riding around on bikes.  

We needed a little more practice on retelling a story, so we practiced that and made our cute little ducks.  We all decided that Duck on a Tractor would be one of the funniest things we would ever read!  Come on David Shannon and write that book!  

It is time for Spring Centers time!  Some of my kinders are ready for the the Short Vowel Scramble.  Really shows me who can hear the sounds in words.

Another activity (there are 6 different activities in all), is the Long Vowel Scrambler.  I have several students that need to strengthen their vowel, consonant, silent e skills.

Students are really enjoying working with the centers.  Click here or the picture above to see it. 

ABC activities

I do have some kinders that still need a bit of practice matching up capitals and lower case letters.  Some can do it fast and some just need more time.  

ABC Letter Activities

Some of my kinders and first graders are struggling with forming their letters following the correct path of movement.  And that can lead to letter confusion for some students.  I have even been seeing some capital Ns with the slant going the wrong way lately!  Great way to do a little review!

This has 5 activities for helping students learn capitals and lower case letters, along with learning the correct path of movement.  Click here or the picture above to see it. 

Apps for Authentic Learning-No Games!

bright ideas

It is Bright Ideas time again!  I am joining some of my favorite bloggers to bring you some fabulous ideas for your classroom.  You get to go from blog to blog and read some great ideas!

I am sharing with you today some great iPad apps!  No Games!  When I got iPads in my classroom, it was important to me to find some apps that enhance my students' learning, not playing games.  I do let them do that a bit too!  But about 95% of our iPad use is authentic activities that promote their learning time. 

Word Cloud

bright ideas for the classroom

I know a lot of you are familiar with making word clouds or Wordles.  Now you can on your iPad!  This is a free app from  Easy, easy to use!  Students type in the words and the app creates the word cloud.  Students can choose color schemes, fonts, etc...

Just a few ways that this can be used are character traits at the beginning of a story and then a new word cloud at the end of the story if the character goes through a change.  It could be used for new vocabulary found in informational text, informational text features found in the text, new learning, etc...  Lots of possibilities!  Students can then email the cloud to you.


Bright Ideas for the classroom

Are you on Instagram?  If you are, you may be familiar with InstaCollage.  But you could use InstaCollage for more than just Instagram.  I used this app last year during summer school.  I took pictures of what my students were doing and involved with and then emailed them periodically to the parents. The parents really enjoyed seeing what their children were doing and what they were learning at school.

iPad app ideas to use in the classroom

Another way to use this could be for rewards.  When you catch a child being great you could snap a picture of them holding a special Great Kid Award and share it with InstaCollage to the parent!  What parent wouldn't LOVE getting that picture of their child??  You can jazz the picture up with different frames and stickers too.  

Students could use InstaCollage to create their own collages of pictures taken on field trips, to document science experiments, etc...The collage is saved as a jpg when emailed.


ipad apps to use in the classroom

So many ways to use Popplet with your students!  It is basically little boxes that you can add to the screen and you can draw or write in them.

ipad apps for the classroom

Here we used the Popplets as a quick sketch for Beginning, Middle, and End.  

ipad apps for learning in the classroom

My second graders used them for dividing words into syllables.  We have been working hard on that skill!  

You could use Popplet for prefixes, root or base words, and endings.  Students could use the boxes for brainstorming before writing or any concept mapping.  

Show Me 

iPad apps for learning in the classroom

This is an app we use almost every single day!  Show Me is like a wipe off board on the iPad.  When teaching sight words, we write them on Show Me.  If I need my RtI students to use a new word in a sentence, they go to Show Me app.  Writing beginning sounds heard in a word (or middle or ending sounds) works really well for the younger students.  Another feature of Show Me is the recording feature.  Students can record themselves reading a passage for the first time and then again after practicing the passage.  They can then listen to the difference.  Or you can keep the recordings over time so you can hear the progression in their fluency skills.

I sure hope you enjoyed these iPad ideas!  I know I loved finding great apps to use in my classroom.  Hopefully you are already following my blog.  Please do follow me if you aren't!  

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For more bright ideas from my bloggy friends, please look through the link-up below.  You will find some terrific ideas!

RtI Visual Plans & Easter Egg Phrases

Download the picture to access links to the resources

It has been a busy week!  I am sure it has been for you too.  I think we all at our school are feeling the pressure to get lots accomplished in the short amount of time we have before testing time.  We have missed so many days over the winter and suddenly state testing is coming up, along with end of the year testing.

I have been pleased with the progress the students are showing in RtI.  I like routine so students know what to expect, but I like to keep the activities fresh to keep them and myself engaged.   So we try to  review skills in new ways. 

practicing sight words activities

My kindergarten students are working hard to learn to read and use sight words.  We practice, practice, practice.  One way we took it up a notch is to read them in phrases.  We have been practicing that for several weeks.  With spring here, I thought we would try these phrases in a new way.  Easter eggs!  I spent part of an evening rolling the phrases and stuffing them into eggs.

practicing sight words

Students were excited to grab a colored egg from the basket!  It is funny how even at a young age some students prefer certain colors.  In one class, the boys would only take the blue or green and the girls took pink or purple.  The yellows and oranges were left in the basket!  

Reading the phrases gave me some insight to where some of the students are in their reading skills and not just with sight words.  Some would pull out the paper, unroll the slip  and know right away if the writing was right side up or not.  Some would just stare at it trying to make sense of it upside down or would try to read it right to left.  Others had no difficulty figuring out how to make it make sense.  Lots of fun and lots of information gathering for me!

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Hippity Blog Hop 2

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Are you hopping over from Rowdy in First?  I know Jennifer was happy to have you stop by and had a really great treat for you!  If you haven't visited Jennifer, you need to hop back and see her!

Today, I have a fun sight word game for you!  My kids are really enjoying playing Roll A Sight Word games and it is really helping to get those words to stick for them!  Click here or the picture below to be able to get this game if you would like it!

I hope you enjoy this game and that your students do too!  

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