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RtI Visual Plans & a FREEBIE

We are wrapping up our RtI second cycle this week.  Whoo hoo!  With RtI completing and state testing being finished this week too, teachers will have 2 big items for the end of the year completed.  Then we can get on to the other thousand things still have to be done!

My kinders are ready to move on to the next Dolch sight word list!  Wow, they have worked so hard!  They now will work on the primer word list.  The cards above are all the words in the primer list.  Click here or on the picture to download them for your own use if you like!

As you can see in my plans above, I will be using Learning to the Core's Sight Word Sizzle!  They have some fun ideas to freshen up your sight word practice.  Go visit Aylin and Amanda and download their Sight Word Sizzle FREEBIE!  Your students will have a lot of fun while practicing their words!

Be sure to visit TpT and my store for our Teacher Appreciation Sale!  You can find the resources that I use in my RtI Reading Intervention Visual Plans plus many other great reading and writing resources there!


  1. I'm sure your kindergarten kids have made tons of progress this year. They'll be off to a great start next year when they start first.

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Thank you Tammy! I was happy with the progress kindergarten made and how hard they worked!

  2. I'm so excited you are trying out some of the sight word sizzle games- thanks for the shout out! :)
    Have a great start to your week!
    Learning to the Core

    1. You are so welcome, Aylin! They were fun ideas!


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