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E-R-T: Comprehension Skill FREEBIE

Everybody Reads To

Have you heard of E-R-T?  Everybody Reads To. . .  It is a great comprehension skill that can be used for both fiction and informational texts. 

Everybody Reads To...

 You are giving the students a purpose for what they are reading to find out:  everyone read to find out, see why, etc...  In this lesson my first graders were reading an informational text about sharks, which is always a high interest level for my students!

Everybody Reads To...

 E-R-T can be done by pages or sections.  E-R-T can also be completed in small groups, pairs, or individually depending on if this is the first time your students are working on this skill or if they are familiar with it.

Everybody Reads To...

If you like this strategy, you can grab this editable E-R-T freebie!

Comprehension Strategy Freebie

This E-R-T is editable when you download it.  Just click here or on the picture above.  It is two pages and where it says type here, you can type in your own text to create E-R-Ts to fit the books you use.  Hope you like it!

Parent Communication: Brag Notes

Quick and inexpensive brag notes

I know it is summer and I hope you are relaxing and recharging.  But as teachers, I also know we have a hard time making our brains shut off from school stuff!  I have been thinking about bragging on students!  This is my Bright Idea for this month!

Quick and inexpensive brag notes

I needed an easy way to be able to write brag notes about my students.  For me it needs to be a way that is quick, inexpensive, and easy to manage.  I went to a craft store (Hobby Lobby this time) and picked up a package of cardstock paper that was on clearance- $2.99 for the whole pack!  

Quick and Easy Brag Notes

This pack had lots of pages with 6 different designs.  I want my notes going home to be colorful and different so they will stand out and hopefully parents will notice them and read them.  Also, the colorful pages jazz up the brag notes more than regular paper or Post It notes.

Quick and Inexpensive Brag Notes

I measured and marked the pages for cutting.

Quick and Inexpensive Brag Notes

Next, the pages were cut using the paper cutter.

Quick and Inexpensive Brag Notes

One management tip is to use your class roster to go ahead and address the brag notes to the student or to the student's parents.  This is an easy way to be sure all students get notes sent home.  Relying on my memory to keep track of who all has already gotten a note and those who haven't means someone would probably miss out.  

Quick and Inexpensive Brag Notes

This is what the note side can look like after adding a sticker if you wish and your note.  The front will be the colorful side.

Quick and Inexpensive Brag Notes

Find a plastic container with a lid to store your brag notes in and keep them in a handy place where you can easily grab one or two and jot a quick note to send home.  Students and parents love to hear positives and this makes it so much easier to be sure it gets done!

Quick and Inexpensive Brag Notes

If you want to jazz the notes up a bit, add stickers or trim the edges with fancy scissors ahead of time.  During the summer is a good time to do this while you are relaxing and then you will be ready to go when school begins!

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Building Brains & Filling Buckets

free ipad app

I was looking for some free apps for my 2nd and 3rd grade students and found Brainbean.  I really like how it makes the students think, be creative, and increase their processing speed.  

free ipad apps

This activity lets the student be creative by turning the doodles into a picture they create.  

free ipad apps

On this one, the student is given a letter of the alphabet to try to come up with as many words as they can within the time limit.  I like how they are timed and can try to beat their own time and increase their speed.  My students need practice with increasing their processing time.

free ipad apps

This last one really gets the student thinking in a different way.  They must slide the puzzle pieces around to complete the paths.  They learn to think ahead as they move the pieces from place to place.  We wouldn't normally have time for these type of activities during the school year, but during summer school I like to get in more thinking and processing type activities.

During summer school, we have also been working our our Summer Bucket Lists.  The kids have had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for what they would like to do over their summer break.

First, we brainstormed a list of ideas together.  Then each student make their own list.  These students are creative too!  Pillow fights, staying up late, water gun fights, and making smores made some of their lists.  I really do hope when the students take these home that the parents will take a look at them and be sure the kids get to do some of the things they picked to be on their bucket list.  And it is amazing that the kids just picked simple activities that the families could do together with little money spent!  That is what it is all about- families spending time together!!

After the students wrote their own list, they chose their top five favorite things for their own bucket list.  They decorated the covers.

I didn't want students to just write a list of 5 things.  I like for them to write about each one.

They also got to decorate each of the 5 pages.  They really want to take these buckets and shovels home!  They make such a colorful display though so I would like to keep them on the wall for a few days before sending them home in hopes the kids will get to check off some of their items!

This item can be found by clicking here or on any of the pictures.

Happy Sunday and Father's Day!!

My Bucket List

We are working on our Summer Bucket Lists during summer school.  The kids are thinking of some really fun things they want to do over the next few months!  I'll share more of this item and their thoughts on Sunday!

Here is my Summer Bucket List:
1.  River raft in Colorado
2.  Get a little sun- it has been raining for what seems like weeks without stopping!
3.  Kayak at the lake
4.  Find a way to make summer last longer!  

What is on YOUR summer bucket list?  I would love to hear about it!


Home from church and it is just a nice relaxing day!  I have had the whole past week off from school.  It has been so very nice to sleep in and not have to be anywhere!  Sleeping in for me is 7:00 though...I just can't sleep in for very long.

Tomorrow we start our summer school!  How can that be? Where did my time off go? I have ideas in my head for summer school, but not one thing written down yet.  I have got to get with it!  Time is running out.  I am working with in-coming kinders through 3rd graders in literacy. For the younger students, we will start out working with a Mo Willems Pigeon unit and I Spy unit (creating our own pictures and writing the clues to make an I Spy book) with the older ones.  We are going to have FUN!!

I need to finalize our summer vacation plans.  We are going to go to the Colorado Springs area.  Have you been there?  What do you recommend? I want to see Garden of the Gods, Royal Gorge, and go river rafting.  

Have a wonderful Sunday and don't forget to link up with Farley!

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