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It's Fall Y'all!!

Scarecrow CVC Build A  Word

It is fall y'all!  Pumpkin patches and apple orchards.  Candy corn and pumpkin spiced lattes!  That last part would be for me, not the student! 

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the changing colors and fall decorations.  I will be breaking out these Fall Literacy Center Activities for some fall fun!  My RtI students will be using part of it and I will use other parts for my small groups.  This Scarecrow CVC Build  A Word will be fun for my first graders to get in some short vowel review.

Candy Corn Blends and Digraphs

I have one RtI student who is working on blends and digraphs and this Candy Corn activity will be great for her.  She needs practice blending the onsets and rime of words.

Apple Basket Syllable Sort and Fluency Strips

Another RtI student is working on reading words with more than one syllable and will enjoy this Apple Basket activity.  She can also work on her fluency with the fluency strips.  The apples are there to guide students across the page if needed.

Short and Long Vowel Leaf Sorting

One student has really struggled with reading cvce words so I am going to have him on this activity.  He will have the recording sheet to practice reading the words after he sorts them.

Short Vowel Blending

My first graders and next month some of my kindergartners will work on blending sounds together.  

You can click on any of the above pictures or click here to see my Happy Fall Y'all Literacy Centers.

Bright Ideas

Did you catch my post on using I Can Use... to help students get involved in their learning?  I am a part of the Bright Ideas hop and if you missed it, click here to read that post and to see the other great Bright Ideas!

Lesson Plans and Resources for RtI Reading Intervention Groups

It's been a busy time with our RtI!  Students are making progress, some in small steps and others mastering their first intervention and moving on to a new one.  They feel so good about themselves when they see that progress!  You can click the picture above to download the plans.  The resources are hyperlinked for you.   Be sure to link up your plans too!

This week will be our parent/teacher conferences.  I look forward to meeting with students and letting their parents now about their child's progress!  When are your conferences?

I Can Posters

How many times have you taught a skill to your students and you think they have it, but then don't apply it to their work?  I know it happens with my students!  How about wanting to build metacognition in your students and make them aware of what they are learning?  I have found a great way to meet all these needs in what I call "I Can Use" posters.  This idea is not mine.  My good friend, Tammy from Forever in First, introduced me to it quite a while back.  Check out her blog if you haven't already!  

After teaching skills and students get to put them into practice, let them sign their name to the skill they used or on a Post It note.  I appreciate how this strategy forces the students to think about which strategy works best for them or works best for that particular situation.  Little things that drive us crazy like missing capitals or ending punctuation can be handled this way by handing over the responsibility to the student.  I particularly like using the I Can posters for using reading strategies.  I expect my students to learn different strategies and to know which one will work best depending on the word or situation.

My second graders have been reading informational text and how authors place text features in the text to help us understand the information.  Having them sign as to which text features they were using helped to solidify that learning.

In my first grade groups, we have been reading some fantasy stories and I don't want them to lose skills we have previously learned.  The I Can poster comes in handy to remind them to be thinking as they read and use the skills they have been taught.  Thank you, Tammy, for the great idea!  

You can use these I Can posters for so many different skills.  Our school has started a new teacher evaluation program and one of the indicators the administrators will be looking for is whether the teacher is checking for student understanding and mastery.  This is a quick and easy way for students to show understanding in a lesson by writing their name on a board or sticking a Post It note to the skill used.  

If you have enjoyed this Bright Idea, I would love to have you follow me for more great ideas!  You can find me on Bloglovin, TpT, and Instagram.  

For more bright ideas from a variety of other bloggers, please browse through the link-up below and choose a topic/grade level that interests you. Thanks for visiting! 

RtI Binders & Tracking Progress

How are your RtI groups progressing?  Do you look forward to this intervention time or is it a time of frustration?  I do hope it is a time you and your students enjoy and feel like progress is being made!

One of my students, even though she is in third grade, still needs the scaffolding of a sound box when breaking multisyllabic words.  She seems to have difficulty holding onto the sounds in the first syllable while putting together the sounds in the second syllable.  Using sound boxes so that it is a visual scaffold is helping her.  She is working hard to push those sounds back together into a word while holding on to all the sounds in her head.  Using paint strips is just a way to make it different and engaging.  Drawing boxes on paper is fine too.

Track Student Progress in RtI with this binder

Are you having your students track their progress in RtI?  It can be so motivating for them to see that graph line go up with the hard work they are putting in to their interventions!  

Track Student Progress in RtI with this binder

You need to keep track of the students' data for RtI too.  3-ring binders are great for this.  This binder set is for kindergarten phonemic awareness skills and letter identification/sounds.  Tracking the data you get from weekly progress monitoring helps you make decisions that drive your instruction.  

Track Student Progress in RtI with this binder

This RtI Binder is for first grade phonics skills, fluency, sight words, etc... Students keep their own binder or folder (one for boys and one for girls) and the teacher keeps one.

Track Student Progress in RtI with this binder

This is an example of what the teacher graph might look like with the goal line plotted and the weekly scores from progress monitoring plotted in too.  This student is making good progress which shows the intervention is currently working for that student.

Document and Track progress in RtI

This is a binder for Second Grade.  It has all you need for implementing the graphs and tracking progress.

Document and Track Student progress in RtI

I like having students have some ownership in their progress by them tracking on their own graphs in a folder.  

RTI Data Binders are available for kindergarten through fifth grade.  You can check each of them out by clicking here.

These are my RtI Reading Intervention visual plans for this week.  The students have off school on Monday while the teachers plan and meet together. We are learning about the new teacher evaluation system that our district is moving towards.  If you click the picture or click here, you can download the plan with the pictures hyperlinked to the resources.  

RtI & Monsters

Hide the Monster Sight Word Game

RtI has begun and is off to a great start at our school.  I have grouped students to be pulled into small groups out of the classroom during our building wide RtI time.  We are fortunate to have 30 minutes built into our schedule for RtI.  

One of my Tier II groups needs work building automaticity with their sight words.  One of the ways to do that is with a game we call Hide the Monster.  Do not underestimate the power of engagement!  They cannot wait to play this game!  Word cards are placed in a pocket chart, facing out.  I hide 2 monsters behind the words.  The student chooses a word to read, I lift the card if the word is read correctly, and we see if a monster is hiding back there!  Can I say MOTIVATING to find those monsters?  I have shared this game before, but it is worth another mention as it is an easy game to prep and play.

Visual Lesson Plans for RtI Reading Intervention Groups

Here are my RtI Reading Intervention Visual Plans for the week.  One of my groups has students where most of them are working on different skills than the others in the group.  It can be a challenge to manage, but we get it done by spending a few minutes on each skill.  Also, you can have one student get started on an activity while you work with the others.  You just have to find a rhythm and what works for you.  Click here or the picture above to download the plans and access the links to the resources.  There is a FREEBIE linked in the plans for you!

One of the resources, Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Words, is something that I use frequently on our iPads.  To be able to use the resource on our iPads and have it formatted correctly, I downloaded it to Dropbox and then into SlideShark.  SlideShark app formats the PowerPoint slides so they can be seen and swiped correctly.  It is very to use!  If you are not using Dropbox for free storage, you should be!  Click here to sign up!

Link up your lessons for the week!

Free Resources