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It's Fall Y'all!!

Scarecrow CVC Build A  Word

It is fall y'all!  Pumpkin patches and apple orchards.  Candy corn and pumpkin spiced lattes!  That last part would be for me, not the student! 

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the changing colors and fall decorations.  I will be breaking out these Fall Literacy Center Activities for some fall fun!  My RtI students will be using part of it and I will use other parts for my small groups.  This Scarecrow CVC Build  A Word will be fun for my first graders to get in some short vowel review.

Candy Corn Blends and Digraphs

I have one RtI student who is working on blends and digraphs and this Candy Corn activity will be great for her.  She needs practice blending the onsets and rime of words.

Apple Basket Syllable Sort and Fluency Strips

Another RtI student is working on reading words with more than one syllable and will enjoy this Apple Basket activity.  She can also work on her fluency with the fluency strips.  The apples are there to guide students across the page if needed.

Short and Long Vowel Leaf Sorting

One student has really struggled with reading cvce words so I am going to have him on this activity.  He will have the recording sheet to practice reading the words after he sorts them.

Short Vowel Blending

My first graders and next month some of my kindergartners will work on blending sounds together.  

You can click on any of the above pictures or click here to see my Happy Fall Y'all Literacy Centers.

Bright Ideas

Did you catch my post on using I Can Use... to help students get involved in their learning?  I am a part of the Bright Ideas hop and if you missed it, click here to read that post and to see the other great Bright Ideas!

Lesson Plans and Resources for RtI Reading Intervention Groups

It's been a busy time with our RtI!  Students are making progress, some in small steps and others mastering their first intervention and moving on to a new one.  They feel so good about themselves when they see that progress!  You can click the picture above to download the plans.  The resources are hyperlinked for you.   Be sure to link up your plans too!

This week will be our parent/teacher conferences.  I look forward to meeting with students and letting their parents now about their child's progress!  When are your conferences?


  1. Thank you AGAIN for your link ups! I always love looking at your week!

  2. You're busy busy as always, especially considering how you individualize instruction so well while you're tackling conferences at the same time. Mine aren't until before Thanksgiving.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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