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RtI & Monsters

Hide the Monster Sight Word Game

RtI has begun and is off to a great start at our school.  I have grouped students to be pulled into small groups out of the classroom during our building wide RtI time.  We are fortunate to have 30 minutes built into our schedule for RtI.  

One of my Tier II groups needs work building automaticity with their sight words.  One of the ways to do that is with a game we call Hide the Monster.  Do not underestimate the power of engagement!  They cannot wait to play this game!  Word cards are placed in a pocket chart, facing out.  I hide 2 monsters behind the words.  The student chooses a word to read, I lift the card if the word is read correctly, and we see if a monster is hiding back there!  Can I say MOTIVATING to find those monsters?  I have shared this game before, but it is worth another mention as it is an easy game to prep and play.

Visual Lesson Plans for RtI Reading Intervention Groups

Here are my RtI Reading Intervention Visual Plans for the week.  One of my groups has students where most of them are working on different skills than the others in the group.  It can be a challenge to manage, but we get it done by spending a few minutes on each skill.  Also, you can have one student get started on an activity while you work with the others.  You just have to find a rhythm and what works for you.  Click here or the picture above to download the plans and access the links to the resources.  There is a FREEBIE linked in the plans for you!

One of the resources, Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Words, is something that I use frequently on our iPads.  To be able to use the resource on our iPads and have it formatted correctly, I downloaded it to Dropbox and then into SlideShark.  SlideShark app formats the PowerPoint slides so they can be seen and swiped correctly.  It is very to use!  If you are not using Dropbox for free storage, you should be!  Click here to sign up!

Link up your lessons for the week!


  1. The way you know where all your kids are at, what you're going to do with each one, and where you're going always amazes me. That's how RTI is designed to work though. You're a master at it in my book.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Hey Lori...I just found your blog via a comment on Literacy Without Worksheet's blog! Anyway I am so excited to read your future posts....I love when I find reading instruction blogs! Yay!

    Mind Sparks

  3. thank you...I also have a small group who are at different levels...I'm a special ed. teacher so we are on permanent intervention, these are wonderful ideas, games definitely help, Paula

  4. I need fun and exciting games to use with my son. As an upper elementary teacher I sometimes struggle to create fun engaging ways to review his sight words. He will love Hide the Monster! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Hide the Monster is exactly what I need. Thanks for another great idea, Lori!


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