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RTI Is Done: Now What?

Two big happenings going on in our school this week!  Thanksgiving Break begins on Wednesday and first cycle of RTI ends.  Whoo hoo for both!

At my school, we believe in RTI and the benefits it can bring to our students, but it is also nice when that cycle is completed and we move into the universal screening phase to see how much impact our interventions have had for our students' reading.

I have a few make up days to get in with some students due to absences.  At my school, we have a set amount of days that students must have interventions for and if any of those days are missed they must be made up at another time.  I schedule our DRA assessments (our universal screening) to come directly after RTI.  I will give this assessment and other short screenings next month.  My RTI committee will look at all the data (data from RTI progress monitoring, outcome on the universal screening, performance in the classroom, etc....) and then make decisions on each individual student.  We will decide whether students should continue in Tier II, move to more intensive interventions in Tier III, be dropped from Tier II or even recommended to the special education team for testing.  

If you want to download my visual plans so that you can access the links to the resources, you can click the picture above or click here.  I hope your RTI is going smoothly and that your students are seeing success!  How many cycles does your school go through for RTI in a school year?

I don't have any Christmas decorations up yet, I wait until after Thanksgiving to do that!  But I do have this new Holiday ELA Task Card set for your students.  It is a fun way to review a lot of ELA skills!  You could put it in a center, use it as exit slips, post a card a day to answer, etc....  So many ways to use them!  Click here or on the picture to see them! 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!  


  1. When I read about your RtI, I love that your assessments drive your decisions. You're obviously using the right tools for the right job. We're still having this conversation at my school, and our hands are a bit tied when it comes to the assessment tools we're using for RtI. My thoughts continually come back to your system. I know everyone has to find what works for them, but I'd love to copy and paste what you're doing!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Happy almost Thanksgiving to you, Lori! Enjoy your break.


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