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RTI Visual Plans & Opinion Writing

We are moving fast through this school year and through this cycle of RTI!  We only have about 4 weeks left of this last cycle.  I am pleased with the progress my groups are making and how hard they are working on their skills to improve themselves and their reading!  I will have to say they are motivated.  I don't do stickers or rewards at all.  We work hard and I cover them in praise as they work hard to improve their weekly graphs.  They want to improve!

Click the visual plans above to down load the plans and resource links.

Yesterday was our Bright Ideas blog hop.  If you missed it, you can click here to catch up on it.  I posted about where I get my reading comprehension passages for RTI and how I organize all those passages for my teachers.

Just finished these opinion task cards!  These What's Your Preference task cards are like the game Would You Rather?, but after making their choice, students then write about their opinion and give reasons to back up their choices.  You will get a lot of fun and interesting reasons with this activity!

If your students need a lot of practice backing up their opinions and this is a really fun way to do it!  Click the pictures to see it!

For more opinion writing with providing evidence practice try these fun No Prep- Just Print and Use resources:

Practice providing evidence in writing

Providing Evidence in Writing

Practice Providing Evidence in Writing

Practice Providing Evidence from the text in Writing

quick writes to practice providing evidence to support opinions

Checkout the other visual plans over at Mrs. Wills blog!


  1. No doubt they have all kinds of interesting reasons to back up their opinions. I've really enjoyed adding opinion writing to my writing workshop repertoire. It's been so good for the kids too.

  2. They do come up with really fun reasons for their opinions! So fun!

  3. Hi Lori, I love your blog! I'm currently hosting a giveaway and was hoping you would be so kind to donate a product. It's a fundraiser for Autism that will take place from April 1 -30. Please hop on over to my blog for more info.
    Teacher’s Lounge

    1. Thank you Melanie! I sent you an email about the donation. :)


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