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Hens, Eggs & Plans

Fluency Phrases in Easter Eggs

Happy Easter!  I hope you are having a blessed day with your family.  The kids have been so excited this past week with thoughts about Easter, eggs, and family gatherings.  I got these eggs out and we practiced our sight words and fluency with them.

Practicing fluency with phrases
 Each bright egg contained a phrase for the kids to practice reading.  A couple of my groups are still reading word. by. word.  Rather than reading like talking, in phrases.  This was a fun way to get in some practice!

Little Red Hen

My first graders read The Little Red Hen.  They just cannot believe that the other animals could be so mean to Little Red Hen!

Little Red Hen

My kinder groups also read Little Red Hen.  And they felt the same way.  How could the animals be so mean to the Red Hen they thought.  But it also bothered several of them about how sad the cat was at the end of the story when Little Red Hen didn't share the corn muffins with them.  That was almost too much!

Graph about Little Red Hen

In both stories, Little Red Hen does not share with the other animals since they did not help her with any of the work.  The classes each discussed both sides and why she might have shared and the reasons why she didn't share.  As you can see, very few voted that they would not make the same decision.  And this was before all the pictures were glued on.  It was an overwhelming choice to share anyway, despite the way the animals treated her.  According to one wise little first grade girl, you don't always help your mom cook dinner, but she shares it with you anyway!!  What wisdom and grace from such a young one!  When does the shift in thinking occur?  That if someone treats you badly, we should react to them in the same way?  I am thinking the world would be a whole lot better if we were to listen to the little ones and treat each other with grace and kindness even if they haven't done so to us.

RTI Reading Intervention Visual Plans and Resources

Visual lesson plans for RTI Reading Interventions are up for the week.  Resources are hyperlinked for you.  Just click the picture to download it and the links.


  1. We just read The Little Red Hen. It's interesting to hear their opinions about what they would do if they were in the little red hen's position.

    1. I love to hear their opinions too, Tammy. They are so thoughtful and sometimes from an angle I hadn't thought of before.


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