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Universal Screenings & RTI Plans

Using the DRA for Universal Screenings

As we are finishing up our RTI groups for our second cycle of RTI, it is also time to begin our universal screenings of all our students for reading.  At our school, we are using the DRA 2 for our universal screening for students reading up to level 38.  After students pass a level 38, we move them over to assessing with the IRI.  It is so gratifying to see the progress these RTI students can make after 10 weeks or 12 weeks of targeted interventions.  

Teachers keep graphs each week to show the amount of progress each student is making with their interventions.  We use the information from the weekly graphs along with the DRA and IRI scores to help our RTI committee make decisions on moving students in and out of tiers.

Pencil Nubs

Do anyone else's class pencils look like this?  Actually mine look like this minus the eraser!  By this time of year, our pencils seem to always be worn down to a nub and we NEVER have erasers left on them.  And for some reason it seems some students purposely choose these nubs of pencils over the longer ones!  I am not sure why though.  I have to go through and toss the shorties so students will actually use the nice, new long ones!

RTI Reading Intervention Visual Plans and Resources

Here are your visual plans for the week!  As you can see short vowels and long vowels still needing some work.  The centers used in the plans above are in my Spring Literacy Pack.  There are 6 phonemic awareness and phonics activities included in the pack.

Spring Literacy Centers

For students in the other group who are farther along in their skills, open and closed syllable centers is what they need.  They can work in centers with the multisyllabic words and then apply that skill in the fluency passages that have comprehension questions to go along with them.  

Enjoy your week and I hope your school and parents pamper you for Teacher Appreciation Week!


  1. Agreed! It is so gratifying to watch RtI students make success with the interventions planned for them. Thanks for sharing your RtI plans. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! :)
    Literacy Loving Gals

    1. Thanks Colleen! I love watching their growth in RTI and their confidence soar!

  2. I bet you see such great progress with your kids. That's due to your sound pedagogy and top notch organization. You have such great systems at work.

    1. My team does a great job with these RTI students, Tammy! Thank you for always believing in our RTI. :)

  3. I'm laughing ( and privately cursing ) that small pencil right of those got stuck in my pencil sharpener - store bought electric one of room mom seriously saved the day and fixed it...How much do I love her?!? HAHA teachers deal with so much at times. I hope you have a great week Lori!
    Teaching and Much Moore

    1. Oh my, Vicky! Why do they love those tiny pencils?? Glad your room mom saved your pencil sharpener!


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