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Tracking Student Progress with Graphing

RTI reading intervention visual plans and resources

How are your RTI times coming along?  The end of this week will mark our half way point for tier II students.  This may sound strange, but I think my teachers look forward to test days to see the progress their students are making!  I know that I do!

RTI Binders for tracking progress for teachers and students

I have my students in tiers II and III track their progress as we go through the RTI cycle after each assessment.  I discuss with them almost every week how they are NOT competing against each other.  Rather they are trying to improve their own skills.  These graphs are not displayed and are for the student themselves not the rest of the group.  Being able to see how they are progressing is quite motivating and rewarding.  My second grader, who is struggling mightily, achieved a 100% on his sight word assessment.  He was beyond thrilled with this.  He told me he had never made a 100% before!  Awww....some students have to work so hard for every single victory.

ABC Letter apps for sight word activities

A fun way to work with sight words, which I expect to also be spelled correctly is to use the ABC Magnetic app on our iPads.  Sometimes it helps just to change things up a bit.

The other resources listed in my visual plans can be found below.  Just click on the pictures to see the resource.  

We are giving our assessments early this week as we won't have school on Friday.  Thursday will be a long day with half a day of school and then our parent/teacher conferences, book fair, and Title 1 Meeting, Supper, and Reading and Math Activities Night!  I'm already tired just thinking about it!

Sorting activities for long vowels and short vowels

Blends and Digraphs Activities for centers and RTI

RTI and Literacy Center Activities for Open Syllables


Freebie teaching students to use evidence from the text to prove their answers

RTI Plans and Resources


  1. Some of my kids were tested this week on the QSI again. It was great to see such progress, so I understand what you're saying.

  2. I love seeing the results and the kids progressing! So helpful so we know what to do next. Thanks for coming by, Tammy!


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