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Infer & CVC Interventions

Using an inference anchor chart to teach inferring

Infer...isn't this skill hard for some of our students?  I know some of mine struggle with it.  So we created an anchor chart with visuals to help us understand what the author sometimes doesn't tell us but wants us to be able to figure it out.

How to teach inferences

There are a lot of books that can be used to teach students how to infer.  I really like both of these books, plus the stories are engaging for the students.  My students always get so upset with the way the farmer treats Duck in Farmer Duck!  I love their hearts when they feel so badly for him!  

After practicing with read alouds, students are then ready to begin applying this skill in small group reading with their guided reading books.  

Another skill some of my students are working on is the cvc pattern.  RTI has started again for the second cycle and this resource can be very helpful for that.

It is a No Prep- Print & Go!  Print the charts and place them into binders.  Students use the linking charts to build sound knowledge of the short vowels.  Then they move from individual sounds to scooping chunks.  I like for students to get past individual sounds into being able to see and read chunks as soon as they can.

There are a lot of different activities for them to practice with to build automaticity and fluency.  Just add in some fun pointers!

With this resource, students move into applying their skills to sentences and using punctuation to boost comprehension to paragraph reading and comprehension.  Isolation of skills needs to be moved into application to be sure students really have it!  You can click here or on any of the pictures to check out this CVC Intervention Binder!

CVC Intervention Binder for RTI


  1. I always appreciate how you always move your kids to text as soon as you can so they have real reasons to practice those skills.

    1. Thank you Tammy! I want my readers in real books as much as possible. :)


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