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Feeling Groovy on Family Literacy Night!

Family Literacy and Math Night Ideas

We were Feeling Groovy for our Family Literacy and Math Night!  Our Family Night is the same night as Scholastic book fair so we used the same theme they were using for our school literacy night- Feeling Groovy!

Family Literacy and Math Night Ideas

One of the really great things about our Family Night is our prize drawing table.  We had scooters, Kindles, a Chromebook, 2 drones, gas gift cards and of course books to give away!  

Family Literacy and Math Night Ideas

We set the scooters up ahead of time so the students could see them and get excited about coming that night to enter the drawing.

Family Literacy and Math Night Ideas

We had a drawing bucket set up for the student drawings and one set up for the parents.  There was a lot of buzz around this table!

Family Literacy and Math Night Ideas

I did the Bingo For Books for my activity again this year.  This is a student and parent favorite!

Family Literacy and Math Night Ideas

I like to have all the cards and Bingo chips already out at the tables so families and just sit down and start playing, even in the middle of an existing game.  If they had to wait for cards and chips they might not be as eager to just jump right in.  Families come and go from this table all night.

Family Literacy and Math Night Ideas

We didn't clear our cards between Bingos.  I let them just keep playing.  This night was all about getting books in to families hands to take home.

Family Literacy and Math Night Ideas

There was a groovy van for our photo booth and groovy table decorations too!

We also had math games and activities going this night too.  It is so much fun to see our families come out for this night.  They get a free meal for the whole family, get to play Bingo where everyone can win a book to take home, play math games and visit the book fair!  

activities for beginning sounds

Back in the classroom, students are working had on those sounds and being able to link them to the correct letter.  Sounds Task Cards really come in handy for RTI, literacy centers, small group times, etc...  I use sound boxes for scaffolding all the time with my students and these are on the cards too.  You can use beginning sound task cards.

activities for end sounds

activities for hearing middle sounds

activities for hearing blends and digraphs

And blends/digraphs.  They are also available in a bundle for less!

Sight Word Games for Active Learners

My sight word activities this year have included a lot more movement for my active learners.   Learning our sight words has been a bit more of a challenge for some of my kindergartners.  A few are struggling to learn and keep those sight words learned.  This group is also a very active and mobile bunch so I have switched things up to accommodate their learning style.  They are loving it!

One of their favorite sight word games to play and that they ask for is Pass the Plates.  I write the sight words they are working to learn onto paper plates.  The newest word or the word they are struggling with the most to learn gets a sticker.    The students stand in a circle with the plates face down, one plate per student (or you can do less if you like).  Play some music or set a timer for a few seconds.  The students pass the plates in a circle.  When the timer goes off, they turn over their plate and read their word.  The child that has the plate with the sticker is out.  Continue playing until you have one winner, taking out plates as you lose students.  You can have several small circles going at once if desired.  The kids really do like this game and they get to read their words over and over.

My friend, Tammy at Forever in First, gave me this idea of sight words on labels.  You can stick them on the students heads or backs so they can't see their word. 

They have a list of their friends' names.  Then they walk around reading and writing the sight words from their friends beside the correct name.  I have everyone read their list so they can figure out which word is on their own back or head.  

This idea came from another bloggy friend, Barb at Grade ONEderful.  I write sight words on the board.  The kids walk or dance around to the music.  When I stop the music, I call out a sight word from the board.  They write it on their clipboards and then it all starts up again. 

After we have all the words called out, I call out the words and the students check them off of their clipboard list.  I'm sure you know just getting to use clipboards raises the engagement level right there!

Another fun one is Sight Word Races.  Two students stand with their backs to the easel where I have written sight words.  I call out a word and the students turn to see who can find the word  and get it erased first.   You can have a student call out words so more students are involved at a time.

sight word picture cards, sight word cards, pocket chart

A student  favorite is Can You Find the ____?  I hide a picture card behind sight words cards.  Students read a card and pull it up to see if the hidden picture card is behind their sight word card.  They love the anticipation of seeing if the card is hiding behind their card!  Find this fun game here!

One last active sight word game is our Sight Word Walk.  All I did was write the sight words on bright index cards and scatter them around the room in a circle.  I added fun cards like move ahead two, switch with a friend, go back one, etc...  

I rolled big dice and everyone moved that many cards forward and read the word they landed on for that number.  Roll again, count and move forward and read again.  

These sight word games have all been a lot of fun and get the students up, moving and learning!

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