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Do The Chunky Monkey Chop!

Using Reading Strategies to Break Words Chunky Monkey

We've been doing the Chunky Monkey Chop a lot recently during guided reading.  It's catchy and easy for the kids to remember!  This reading strategy helps my little readers break apart words as they are reading.

Using Reading Strategies to Break Words Chunky Monkey Anchor Chart

We started with a blank chart and students gave me different ways they would  use Chunky Monkey to break a word.  Name the strategy and give an example of it on your chart.

We've used the strategy Chunky Monkey for quite awhile.  They know to break apart the words and not stretch them if they are longer words.  Now my students are working on using this strategy quickly and efficiently.  

Using Reading Strategies to Break Words Chunky Monkey Anchor Chart

I want them to be able to break the word and also to be able to link it to which specific Chunky Monkey Chop helped them.  Being able to link to the specific chop helps strengthen the skill for the students.  They love to write their words on Post Its and place them on the chart.  If you use Post Its, you can use the same chart again on different days or for different groups.  

If your students need help with breaking words, let them do The Chunky Monkey Chop!

Breaking Words Apart Activities

Build your own Chunky Monkey Chart

Breaking Words Apart Activities

Students sort words that are already "chopped" to provide scaffolding when learning to break words apart.

Activities for Breaking Words Apart

Words that are not "chopped" can be used in literacy centers with recording sheets.

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  1. What a great tool. I've got those kids who are trying to sound out every letter of a long word. They need this.


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