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Roll It! Differentiation Cubes

Using Differentiation Cubes

We are using these differentiation cubes ALL the time!  Kids love rolling them and I love that they are quiet when students are using them.  Some of the the links below are referral links, which means,  I will earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Using Differentiation Cubes

I ordered mine from Amazon.  They are great for literacy and for math activities.  Sometimes each small group will use more than one cube at a time and sometimes each student gets just one.

*  Roll Letters
Roll ABC Letters Activity

Students can work with just capitals or lower case letters or both.  You can easily differentiate the cubes for students to work on exactly the letters they need.  

*  Add Recording Sheets for Accountability

Roll ABC Letter Activities

I always have students record their work with the cubes.  It provides them more of a purpose for their activity.

Roll A Word Silent e Word Activities

Also, I require students to read the letters or words as they record them.  I don't ever want them just copying down letters.  It needs to make sense to them.

*  Sight Word Practice

Using Differentiation Cubes

Students can write a few sight words they are working on learning onto small cards and slip these cards into the pockets on the cubes.  Set a time for just a few minutes.  Students roll, read, and write their words to see which word will win when the timer goes off.  Only allow them a few minutes so this is truly a quick practice and doesn't become busy work for them.

*  Make Words~ Is it Real or Nonsense?

Roll on set and rime activities

This is where these cubes really get their name- differentiation.  By slipping different letters or chunks into the cubes you are giving each student just what they need to practice.

It's fun to listen to the students as they roll the sounds and try saying the new words to determine if it sounds like a real word or not!

Rolling suffix endings Activities

Students can even practice adding endings.

Roll R-Controlled Words Activities

*  Add Game Cards

Using Differentiation Cubes to roll Words

You can make the cubes even more fun by adding cards like Roll Again and Lose A Turn to create a game-like atmosphere to the activity.  This simple addition makes the cubes even more excited to use them because they are having so much fun they don't even realize they are learning so much!


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  1. Kids and cubes make a great combination! I really like the endings example. Maybe that's because we worked awfully hard on that skill this spring.


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