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DATA...It's Not A Four Letter Word

RTI Data and RTI Tips

DATA...It is not a four letter word.  Okay, technically it is a four letter word.  But data is not a bad word.  Neither is RTI.  With a few tips and some organization, RTI can be the process that improves your student learning.  

RTI Data and RTI Tips

I have heard of schools progress monitoring whenever they decide and some requiring teachers to progress monitor every day!  Neither is good or productive.  

RTI Data and RTI Tips Progress Monitoring

Our school progress monitors once a week.  Some schools assess once every two weeks.  Whatever your school decides to do, it should be at  regular intervals to give you the best data.  Keep track of the results in RTI Data Notebooks.

RTI Data and RTI Tips

Goal lines are so important.  You want to figure the goal and plot it out across the graph for the amount of time the student will be in RTI.  

RTI Data and RTI Tips Using Goal Lines

In the picture above, the goal line has been plotted in blue.  Then each week, the progress monitoring result was plotted in red.  You want to check if the weekly assessments are keeping close to the goal line or above.  

RTI Data and RTI Tips

This lets you know whether the student is on track for meeting the goal at the end of RTI time.  
RTI Data and RTI Tips

If after several weeks, improvement is not being shown, you should adjust your teaching to see if that helps improve learning or determine if this is in fact the correct intervention that the student needs at this time.

RTI Data and RTI Tips

RTI Data and RTI Tips Organizing and Managing Data

Not only should the teacher be graphing and documenting student progress, the student should also do this in their own notebook.  They enjoy seeing their progress and it helps them to take ownership of their learning.

RTI Data and RTI Tips How to Manage RTI Meetings

As I said above, the weekly data is only ONE piece of the RTI puzzle.  You and your committee need to take many other items into consideration as you meet to discuss students.  

RTI Data and RTI Tips

Before our committee meets, I make graphs for each student that contains all their information and data that would be relevant to our meeting.  We need this information as we vote to make decisions on each student.  This Editable RTI Meeting Guide can be found HERE.

I hope these RTI tips help you to see data as a positive thing that truly helps students needing intervention instruction.  RTI Data Notebooks for teachers and students are available for grades K-5.  You can find them HERE.

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  1. I've found myself running into quotes that challenge me to ask, "How do I know what my students know?" I have to be purposeful and intentional.


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