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STEM and Family Literacy Night

STEM and Family Night Ideas

Our Family Literacy Night theme this year was STEM.  What a fun night!  

STEM and Family Night Ideas- Gear Up!

We decided to go with the GEAR UP title.  We decorated our doors and the FFA provided some pretty mums to brighten things ups.

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STEM and Family Night Ideas

Our school has been really building up our STEM activities and knowledge in the past year and a half.  So it just fit for us to use this as a focus for Family Night.  
One of the biggest hits of the night was the Marble Genius Run.  More time was spent here building tunnels and tracks for marbles to travel through.  Then rebuilding and doing it again!

STEM and Family Night Ideas

Our math teacher requested the Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks.  These little magnetic shapes can be put together to build objects.  They are colorful and easy to use.  

STEM and Family Night Ideas

STEM and Family Night Ideas

Another fun activity was the Zoob Builder kits!  We purchased two kits and combined like pieces together in the green buckets above.  Students could come in and build with the different pieces on their own or use the cards that came with the kits.  It is fun to see them creating and trying different designs!

STEM and Family Night Ideas
STEM and Family Night Ideas

But it wasn't only about STEM building activities.  We also involved the community!  Our high school students demonstrated a robot that they had built and taken to contest!  Very cool!  

High school students also demonstrated a 3-D printer!  That was really neat to see work.  Another community member brought his racing car on a stand so students could see it up close and ask questions.  He brought an engine so they could see it and all the gears that work together to power it!

STEM is a great way to bring in new ideas to your family night and a great way to involve community members.  They love to get kids excited about science, technology, engineering and mathematics!

STEM and Family Night Ideas

Lego sets, Makey Makey, book sets and gift cards fit our theme for Gear Up this year!

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