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End of the School Year Activities

End of the Year Student Gifts and Activities

I know there are a lot of you teachers still in school and are looking for some fun end of the year activities and summer time ideas.  We've got some great ways to end your year and send your students off into summer! And a cute end  of the year student gift idea too!

End of the Year Student Gifts, activities and book list

One sure way to get students thinking about the end of the school year of course is by reading great books!  Some of the the links below may be referral links, which means,  I will earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Here are some fun titles to add to your collection:

End of the Year activities, ideas and student gifts

Instead of a traditional memory book have students make a flip book to record their memories of the year!  It's fun and easy and makes a great writing activity. Find this flip book here.

End of the Year Student Gifts, activities and ideas

If you are searching for a fun end of the year gift for your students grab some sunglasses like these, print the I Am A Reader tags and attach the tags to the glasses.  Super easy and kids love sunglasses!  These free tags are a part of our newsletter that you can find here.  You can find sunglasses similar to these here.

Summer Bucket List Writing Activity

For those of you still in school or if you teach summer school these ideas are for you!

Happily Ever Elementary posted this bulletin board photo on Instagram last year of our Summer Bucket List writing activity and craft.  Isn't it super cute?  Be sure to follow @happilyeverelementary to see more of their ideas!  You can find this activity here.

End of the Year and Summer Time activities and ideas

Along with the End of the Year Memories flip book, you also get the Summer Time flip book.  It's another great writing idea for students to plan ahead for what they would like to do this summer and can be found here.

I hope these fun end of the year and summer time ideas and activities help you as you head into the last days before your break!

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