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Meeting Your RTI Needs:


  1. Lori, will you be posting your RTI lesson plans this school year 2014-15? Your are so inspiring.

  2. Hey Brenda! Thanks for asking! I will be posting my RtI lesson plans in a few weeks. Our RtI cycle has not started yet. I will be posting my regular reading lesson plans for a few weeks before RtI starts then I will switch over to the RtI ones. Thank you!

  3. Can you give me any information as to what you use for progress monitoring for each area of reading and math?

    1. Hey Mrs. Gibbons! I use a variety of different progress monitoring tools. I use some items for phonemic awareness from Reading A-Z. I also use fluency passages from the same place. Our reading comprehension passages and questions right now are from Our phonics comes from a continuum of skills for each grade level that I created. I am the reading teacher, so I do not do math- sorry I can't help you in that area. I hope the other information helps though. Thanks for the question!


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