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Organizing Comprehension Passages for RTI

ReadWorks Comprehension passages for RTI

Do you assess comprehension for RTI?  We do at our school and we don't use a computer program.  Therefore, I had to find a place to get comprehension passages for my teachers to easily use that had quality questions and a mix of question types.  ReadWorks was just the place!

Organizing Comprehension Passages for RTI in Binders

Once I found a place that had the passages that I liked, then I needed to have the passages ready and easily accessible for my teachers to use.  They do not have time to be hunting down passages.  Also, for RTI, I want consistency.  Each week, the teachers for each grade level need to be assessing on the same passages so graphing is more accurate across the grades.  I printed off the passages that we needed to get us through our cycles of 10 and 12 weeks.  Then all the passages were place into one large notebook to house them all.  The notebook is in a place that is accessible to all the teachers who may need it so it is easy for them to get their copies made.

Organizing Comprehension Passages into a binder for RTI

To keep it organized, I used plastic tabbed dividers.  Each grade level is separated, plus I included literacy and informational text passages.  I try to make it to where teachers can go right in and find what they need quickly and easy for them to put the originals in the correct place too.

Organizing Comprehension Passages into a binder for RTI

ReadWorks has really great passages and a LOT of them!  But even better is that they use a variety of questions.  Each passage that is in the book has multiple choice questions and short answer questions where students must prove their answers with evidence from the text.  One more thing about ReadWorks- it is free to use!  Just sign up and you are good to go!

Organizing Comprehension Passages into a binder for RTI

Having everyone using the same passages makes graphing student progress each week mean more because everyone is being assessed on the same text.  More fidelity in the results.  

Bright Ideas Posts

This has been another Bright Ideas Blog Hop!  I hope you will follow me on these places so you can keep up with all the latest happenings!

For more bright ideas from other bloggers, please browse through the link-up below and choose a topic/grade level that interests you. Thanks for visiting! 

Small Group Material Organization

I am so excited that it's time for another Bright Idea post!  I am joining a bunch of my blogger friends to bring you some great classroom ideas that you can use right away!  I want to tell you about how you can easily organize your small group reading materials.  

You can get these items at the Dollar Tree and Walmart!  Easy and inexpensive!  I really like using pencil pouches to organize materials.  These are clear and that makes it easier for kids to see what they are reaching in after.

using finger lights as pointers

Have you seen these finger lights?  So fun!  Great way to motivate those early readers to point one to one when reading.  They can also use them to find sight words or vocabulary words that you are front loading.

using finger pointers as pointers

All my little readers are at home, so I just used this RtI folder to show you how the finger light can be used to spotlight a word.  

making pointers from popsicle sticks and Ducktape

These are some more pointers you can keep in the pouches.  They are so easy to make!  Popsicle sticks and Ducktape wrapped around them.  Colorful and quick to make! 

Magnetic letters kept in plastic boxes

We use magnetic letters so much in my room.  These little boxes from Dollar Tree are a great size to keep those letters in.  You could also keep a small set of sight words in the boxes if you would rather have the sight words rather than letters.

bead sliders for phonemic awareness

Bead sliders can be used in a lot of different ways!  Students can use them to count out the sounds in words, count syllables in words, or slide as they count words in a sentence.  I like the bigger beads rather than the smaller pony beads since the bigger ones are easier to manipulate for the younger kids.

dry erase markers and erasers from Dollar Tree

Of course you need dry erase markers and erasers in your pencil pouch too.  These erasers are the makeup puffs.  I like the small size!

Using buttons as sliders for phonemic awareness and Elkonin boxes

I have used a lot of different things for sliding into Elkonin boxes.  But I really like the cute buttons!  They are just the right size, flat on the bottom and colorful.  Just switching out the materials you use in your activities rebuilds motivation and interest in the kids!  Always trying to make it new and novel for them!

I hope you enjoyed this Bright Idea!  Follow me on Bloglovin, TpT, and Facebook to find other great ideas that I post and so you will be notified when giveaways and freebies are posted!

For more Bright Ideas from my blogger friends, please look through the link-up and find what interests you!

It's In The Bag! Giveaway Too!

It's that time of year...time to be thinking of our classrooms, lesson plans, and how to get it all organized.  Be sure to read to the end today.  I have a giveaway for you and your classroom!

One little product- the pencil pouch- can be a great little organizational tool for small group time.  I have always looked for ways to have my materials for reading prepared and ready to go.  I don't want to waste time gathering things from different buckets and boxes.  This is where the pouches come in!  Students can just grab their bag and start!

name plates and dry erase markers

My kinders come to me still needing practice learning to write their names.  So inside goes a name plate.  The name plate shows through the little window in the pouch which saves the step of having to label the pouch and no labels means no trying to peel those sticky things off!  I also stick in a dry erase marker for practicing writing their names.

letter tiles for learning your name

I also stick in a baggie of letters for them to practice putting the letters in the correct order.  Sometimes I put in magnetic letters instead.

letter tiles and name plate

As soon as possible I turn the name plates over for them to build their names without a model.  Then they can turn them over to self check.

sound boxes

Other needed items that you can stick in are a set of sound boxes and a baggie of objects to move into those sound boxes.

items for small group reading

I also like to stick in a small pointer.  I don't know what it is about having their own little pointer to use, but it sure is motivational to them to point each letter with a pointer!

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Enjoy your Sunday and remember to enter the giveaway!  Don't forget to like MPM's Facebook page before entering the giveaway as a thank you for offering this great gift card!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lesson Plans and Common Core Organization

organizing the common core in a binder
Common Core Standards Binder Organization

Binders strike again!  I keep so many of my school things in binders.  Just makes my life easier.  :)  I used to keep my lesson plans in the old lesson plan booklet that the school provides for you.  But I put that to the side and am keeping my plans in my planning binder.  I keep sight word lists in there too just to be sure I am incorporating those words with the books we read.  

The photo above is another binder for common core.  I teach several different grades so I needed something to keep my standards for those grades organized.  So now I use my lesson plan binder PLUS my common core standards binder.  I have each binder tabbed now to the grade levels and it makes writing out my lesson SO much easier.

organizing lesson plans
Lesson Plan Organizer
You may recognize this binder.  I have used it before.  I tend to tweak things every year, so I am using it for lesson plans now!

The common core organizer has been very helpful to me as I can write in the dates that I teach each standard.  There is also a place for the percentage that mastered the assessment for each standard.  

But what I like best is that I can write in notes for myself like what books I used to teach with or what activities I used.  Then I have that for next year's planning!  Anything that saves me time is GREAT!  And a plus is if my administration wants to know right now if I have taught a particular standard or how many times- it's right there!  No having to look through all my lesson plans to find it.  

I have ELA Documentation Checklists available for grades K-5 if you need them!  Just click HERE.  

Enjoy your day being organized!  :)

Comprehension Binder Organization for RtI

comprehension passages and questions

By now you must think that I am the queen of binders!!  Binders keep me organized and save me tons of time, especially for RtI.  Hope you are sticking with me on these RtI postings and that you are finding them helpful in your school's journey to get your RtI up and running.  Click here to read the other RtI postings.  

Our school uses comprehension as an intervention when appropriate in RtI.  If this is an area of concern, we teach students how to better comprehend and answer questions about the stories and poems they read.  I needed lots of comprehension passages with questions ready made to use as our weekly progress monitoring.  I didn't need them for teaching the skill, just for assessing.

This is where Super Teacher Worksheets comes in.  Now, those that know me, know that I don't use worksheets and do not recommend worksheets to others.  The name of Super Teacher Worksheets is a bit misleading- or at least for the purpose that I recommend them for.  I do not use these for the teaching the intervention in RtI- only for our assessments.  

comprehension passages

This site has reading comprehension passages for grades K-5.  We mainly only use them for 3rd through 5th grade, sometimes using them in the second cycle of RtI for second grade.  It all depends on the needs of the students for when we begin this skill intervention.

comprehension passage

This is an example of a first grade reading passage. And then comprehension questions that follow each story or poem.   

comprehension questions

When I first started using Super Teacher Worksheets, they were free.  I had my paraprofessional copy all the stories by grade.  Then she placed them in a binder for copying as needed.  This has been a huge help to me as there would be no way to have time to find all these passages and questions.  Now you can only get access to a few stories per grade level for free.  A membership will cost $19.95 for a year.  I am not affiliated with this site at all- so no commission for me if you decide to join.  :)  I wish they were still free to use for everyone as they have been incredibly helpful to have. 

One of our teachers discovered  Have you seen this site?  Lots of skill and strategy units to help you teach reading to those in RtI or just in your classroom.  They list the strategy, lesson plans, and the book to use the plans with.  And the strategies are common core aligned.  It is free, but you will need to register to have access to the informational texts.  I have not gotten to use this site much yet, but the teacher who brought it to my attention just loves it and finds it very helpful.  I hope it helps you too!

reading strategies and lesson plans

Where Did Summer Go & It's Sale Time!!

Conversations in Literacy Store

Sunday and Monday are Back to School sale days at TeacherspayTeachers!!  And just in time as I head back this week.  What timing!  I have orientation on   Monday evening, teacher work days on Tuesday and Wednesday and students start on Thursday.  Wow!  Where did my summer go?  

I had all these plans of things that I wanted to accomplish this summer:

*  read professional books -Read parts of two- does that count?

*  make lots of things for my room - I did get several of those completed

*  organize my office closet- I went through and got rid of old clothes in my                                       bedroom closet, so one closet got done :)

*  work on my RtI files that I lugged home from school- almost have that completed

*  take a trip with my family- Yay, accomplished that one!  We went to South Dakota and had a great time and saw some beautiful scenery!  Who knew South Dakota could be so pretty?

Our trip to South Dakota

Now, I guess it's time to get back in school mode (do we ever really leave it?).  Be sure to visit my store for reading and writing and other fun stuff for your classroom!   Be sure you use the code from the button at the top for 28% savings!  And enjoy what is left of your summer!  :)

Conversations in Literacy store

Anecdotal Records

Debbie at Rainbows Within Reach is having an organize your classroom linky party!  If you are wanting to get organized this summer, you will want to join in the fun!  All kinds of organization will be represented.  My organizational topic is anecdotal records.  :)

Anecdotal records...written records on how students are doing, notes on student progress or areas of weakness.  So valuable to me as a teacher on many levels.  I like to keep records on my students and how they are applying the skills they are being taught each week.  I want to know what they know and how they use their skills.  It also is a valuable tool when parents come in for conferences...especially when they just drop by and you have no chance to pull your thoughts together on that student -those are always a bit tough to be able to speak specifically about that student if you have been caught by a drop-in parent.  :)  But with my anecdotal record keeping, I am prepared for this and can demonstrate to parents exactly what their child is doing and when.  Also, very good for lesson planning too.  Here is my anecdotal notebook.  Love the blue!  My favorite color- I like it when I can find things to use that are more just plain.

Inside this notebook are several tools that help me stay organized to be sure I take weekly records on each student. I have laminated file folders where I stick colored labels with each student's initials. These are grouped according to grade since I service K-5th grades. I chose colored labels so the labels would stand out against the white paper they will be placed on later.  I place one colored label for each student on the laminated file folder.  I group the grades K-1, 2-3, and 4-5 so as not to have so many folders to carry in my notebook.  As I take notes on the students, I take off their label and place it on their own individual anecdotal record sheet.  The labels come off easily from the laminated folder.  When there is no sticker for that student, I know that I have taken records for that student that week (shown in this next photo-spaces without labels).  Helps me to be sure I get written notes on every student each week.

Besides my weekly anecdotal notes, I also like to keep running records all year on my students that are in first and second grades.  I will also keep running records on third grade students at the beginning of the year.  I have pulled these out before to show parents exactly what their child is doing in reading and what they still need to work on.  Very informative for the parent and for me as I choose what level of books we need to be moving towards.  I use Marie Clay's reading record form and keep these in a separate notebook, one per grade since adding a page for each student per week fills the notebook quite quickly.

I have these forms for keeping your running records data organized.  One form is to help you with classroom data and one form is for keeping individual data organized.  They can help you to see the progression of your class and each student.  Hope they help you and they are FREE!

This is what works for me this year to stay organized and informed on all my students.  I have used different systems over the years, but am liking this one this year.  Some people like to use Post It notes to keep their records.  But that doesn't work so well for me.  I either have to recopy onto the paper what I wrote on the note (an extra step I don't have time for) or stick the note on the paper and hope it doesn't get knocked off.  For me with this method, I am afraid I will lose valuable information on the students.  What is your system of record keeping and does it work for you?